A lot of the requests the developers at Altos de Antigua get are from people who would like to rent a home on a short or long term basis. These are typically people who are considering moving to Costa Rica and are taking time to explore different areas and to carefully consider where they want to locate.

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There is also demand from people who no longer want to or cannot afford to buy or build a home and plan to rent indefinitely. Finally, some owners who are getting new homes built prefer to live nearby so that they can more fully experience the creation of their home.

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Good quality homes, well-built to reasonable standards are in very high demand as rentals. All the homes in the rental pool in Altos de Antigua are currently fully rented.

This demand for rental accommodation is a huge opportunity for owners to reduce the amount they need to invest in their retirement home in paradise. The ability to rent your home while you are not using it makes it much easier to afford your place in paradise.

The amenities within the development of Altos de Antigua make it very attractive for potential renters. There is a pool and recreation centre that all owners and their guests can enjoy which gives the owners a huge advantage over other rental homes.

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Public transportation is also a major concern of renters who may decide not to buy a car; Altos de Antigua enjoys great bus service with 4 buses per day to and from the major city of Santiago de Puriscal.

Another feature renters can enjoy is the tilapia stocked pond and the adjacent picnic area and gazebo. Additionally there are walking paths throughout the development. Wired high speed internet enables those living here to conduct business around the world.

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The geographic location is also attractive to renters. The property is halfway between San Jose and the Pacific coast, enabling day trips to both destinations. Also, it is removed from typical touristic locations, allowing visitors to experience the real Costa Rica including realistic daily living expenses.

Brian McLane, the developer who lives in the community, offers rental services to help you rent your property when you are not using it. He takes care of making your rental guests welcome and comfortable, and also deals with cleaning up your home when they leave.

This makes it extremely easy for you to handle the logistics of getting your renters into and out of your home. You will not need to worry about having to fix anything that goes wrong while they are in your home as Brian and his maintenance crews are available to take care of issues for you.

A very important benefit for the home owner derives from the typical construction in Altos de Antigua, namely concrete walls and tiled floors. This differs from typical North American construction of gyproc walls and carpeted floors. It will be very difficult to damage your home.

Even if there is minor damage the cost of labour to repair it is less than a quarter of the cost in North America. Again, Brian’s crews will take care of any repairs that need to be done. After all, they built the houses.

One of the features the developers of Altos de Antigua are especially proud of is the quality of the roads within the community. The main roads are paved and have concrete ditches to manage the flow of water.

Read the recent article by Jan Hart titled Living in Costa Rica and Doing It The Tico Way to see what you do not want your renters to go through. By living within a community that has paved roads your renters will not experience the harsh realities of living on a dirt road.

Being part of the Altos de Antigua community means that your renters have worry free enjoyment of lovely, secure and well maintained homes in the beautiful mountains of Costa Rica.

More than that, when living here they have an established community of friendly neighbours with whom they can socialize.

You need not specify the highest finishing standards for your rental property. With an investment of as little as $100,000 for a lot and house you could have a rental property for which you could be charging $700 to $900 per month.

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On some of the larger acreages you might consider erecting a rental home first to begin your cash flow. For best results give your rental home the ability to have a private 2nd bedroom. Later you can add another home for your own use, keeping the first home as a rental.

To earn a very nice rental income while feeling secure, stress free, and happy about your home in paradise you owe it to yourself to check out the Altos de Antigua development.

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VIP Member John Orian, P. Eng.

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Written by John Orian, P. Eng. “If you want something done give it to John!” Having earned this reputation with a billion dollar company and a major Canadian city, John now offers training and coaching in Project Management.

John’s main focus in Costa Rica is helping to create a vibrant international community at Altos de Antigua where he is an owner and investor.

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