Amazing Mountain Property with An Excellent View – Build A Dream House – At US$180,000.

Build a dream house on a mountain that has some of the most beautiful views in Costa Rica. With 4 hectares and plenty of space to build a mansion, this is the right property for one lucky individual.

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The space available for the construction of a new home is 240 m x 50 m. Water is easily accessible when buyer installs a well.

The connections for electricity are on the road leading up to the property. 

This real estate has the privacy, seclusion, and view that only Puriscal, Costa Rica has to offer. 

At $180,000, it won’t last long.

20 hectares of land in Puriscal with a river, waterfall, hot springs, and trees. At US $400,000.

This property comes in two parcels, one 18 hectares plot and one 2 hectares plot separated by 2 kilometers (a little more than a mile in between).

The 18 hectares real estate has a river running through it (about 700 meters).  Since it is the green season the river is dirty, but in summer it is crystal clear.  There is a waterfall on the river.

This property also has a hot spring bubbling out of the land.  1 hectare is trees, 1 hectare is orange trees, 0.5 hectare is teak trees.

The view is excellent, there aren’t any neighbors close by, and the property is only 400 meters from the road.

This property is zoned rural, has plenty of space for a house, and can be equipped with electricity and running water without much effort.

For both the 18 hectares and 2 hectare land the price is US$400,000.

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Plus … Lot for sale in Paquita, near Quepos/Manuel Antonio. At US$40,000

432 m2 in developing neighborhood, zoned residential.  Water lines are in and electricity is accessible.

Puriscal Land For Sale By Owner with Excellent Views. Build your dream home $180,000 – $400,000 – Article ID Number 5919

We would always recommend that you have your own attorney confirm that all is in order before you make a final offer for any land or home. For more detailed information please contact the owner Eric Wolff by email here.

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