Playas del Coco is one of the most stunning coastal towns in Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica, and is also a growing tourist destination. The climate, the beauty of the area and the attractions available are a huge draw to people looking to buy real estate. Whether you are looking to buy somewhere as a permanent residence, a second home or as a rental property, there is a vast range of different properties available. Playas del Coco Costa Rica Real Estate real estate includes condos, homes and beachfront properties for sale. Here is an overview of the area and the different types of property available.

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Playas Del Coco Costa Rica Real Estate

Playas Del Coco Costa Rica real estate varies greatly, so there are properties to suit a wide range of different people. The diversity of the properties available is one reason why people want to live in this area. There are both properties to rent and homes to buy in this area. It is important to find a property that is the right size to meet the needs of you and your family. From one to five-bedroomed properties are available, so you should find something the perfect size for you.
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In terms of price, this varies greatly and is predominantly dependent on the size, condition, and style of the condo or house. If you are buying a condo, then the amenities available to residents will also impact on the price of the condo. There are properties for sale in Plays del Coco between $70,000 and $3 million. Therefore, there are properties to suit all budgets.

In addition to the size and style, the proximity to the beach also has an impact on the price of a property. As a rule, the closer to the beach a house is, the more you will pay per square meter of property.
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The main reason people choose Playa del Coco to buy a home is the stunning coastal location. The stretch of beach in this area is beautiful and both locals and tourists alike love to spend time there. In addition to relaxing on the white sandy beach or swimming in the crystal-clear waters, you can also find a range of other activities to enjoy. These include swimming, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and a range of water sports. Another popular activity in this area is golf as there are several excellent golf courses in the vicinity.

The weather is another clear attraction of living in Costa Rica and is one of the predominant reasons why people choose to immigrate to this part of the world or to have a second home there. There is sunshine throughout the year, so it is a fantastic place for those who enjoy the outdoors. However, the seasons are divided into the high season, also called the dry season, and the green or rainy season. Due to its proximity to the equator, the weather is still hot in Costa Rica even in the rainy season.

Homes For Sale in Playas Del Coco

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There is a vast range of different types of homes for sale in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica. Therefore, there are properties to suit any individual preferences and different sizes of families. Whether you are looking for a small, traditional Costa Rican house or a large, luxurious house, there are properties to suit you.

On the smaller and cheaper end of the scale are two-bedroomed houses with one or two bathrooms. Prices for this size of property starts at around $90,000. For the cheapest properties, it is unlike you will have a beachfront property in Playas del Coco.

On the opposite end of the scale are five bedroomed properties. There are both period and modern properties available in this size. You can expect to pay anywhere between $800,000 and $3 million for these properties. The most expensive houses on the market are generally spacious, close to the beach, are finished to a high standard and boast stunning views.

Condos For Sale in Playa Del Coco

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Rather than buy a house, some people prefer to invest in condos for sale in Playas del Coco and there are both pros and cons to choosing this option.

The main benefit is that buying a condo is usually cheaper than buying a house. If you are keen to live as close to the beach as possible but cannot afford to buy a beachfront property, then a condo is a fantastic alternative.

Similarly, having facilities such as a swimming pool at a house will hike up the price and put the price of a property out of many people’s reach. However, if you buy a condo, a pool is just one of the shared facilities that you may have access to along with the other residents of the condo community. The exact amenities and facilities available will vary significantly from one condo community to the next.

A downside to purchasing a condo is that there are often restrictions, rules, and regulations that you must adhere to as a resident. For example, you may not be allowed pets or rules regarding BBQs may apply.

If you do decide that looking for condos for sale in Playa del Coco is the best option for you, then you will find a wide choice available. There are both townhouse and apartment condos to choose between in a variety of styles. The condos usually have one, two or three bedrooms and between one and three bathrooms.

Just like buying a house, the price of condos varies depending on a range of factors. These include the number of bedrooms, the size of the property, if there are views, the condition of the condo, the facilities available and the proximity to the beach.

Smaller condos away from the coastline are available from around $70,000. The larger the condo and the closer to the beachfront you get, the higher the price of the condo. For a three-bedroomed beachfront condo that is finished to a high standard, you can expect to pay over $500,000.

Playas Del Coco Real Estate FAQ

Is it difficult for foreigners to buy Playa del Coco Costa Rica real estate?
Buying real estate in Costa Rica is simple. Unlike many other countries, foreigners are permitted to buy any property and own it outright. However, it is still best to hire the services of a professional who has experience of the Costa Rican real estate market and legal systems to guide you through the process and handle any problems that may arise.

Are there lots of fees related to purchasing a property?
Usually, there are just three types of costs you will incur on completion of the sale of the house and it is customary for the seller and the buyer to split the costs, with the exception of the mortgage. These are the government taxes and fees, notary fees and mortgage costs.

What is included in my monthly condo fees?
It is essential that you check this before purchasing a condo. Each condo community will have different amenities, facilities, and services included in the fee. Similarly, the rules and regulations of each condo community vary and you should check these and your personal responsibilities as a condo owner.

Land for Sale in Playas Del Coco Costa Rica

While some people are happy to buy a house or condo, other people dream of building their own home. This means they get their perfect house that is completed to their personal specifications. Those who choose to do this must first look for land for sale in Playas Del Coco and then gain the necessary planning permission from the relevant authorities.

There are plots of land for sale of various sizes both in and around Costa Rica and the price of the land varies depending on a variety of factors. These are the views from the plot, the location, environmental factors and the proximity to the beach.

As a general rule, the average price of land in Costa Rica is $15 per square meter. However, some inland areas have land for sale for as little as $5 per square meter. In coastal locations, such as Playas del Coco, the land is more expensive and you can expect to pay around $35 per square meter of land. If you want to build a beachfront property, then a plot of land with sea views close to the beach may even cost as much as $50 per square meter.

Gaining planning permission in Costa Rica is a far more complicated procedure than simply buying a house. You must have the planning application completed and submitted by a registered architect or engineer. It makes sense to find such a professional at the beginning of your search for land for sale in Playas del Coco so they can advise you along the way and help you through the process.

Summary of Living in Playas Del Coco

The reasons why people choose to buy Playas del Coco Costa Rica real estate include the climate, the beauty of the area, the outdoor activities available and the relaxed lifestyle.

If you decide to buy property in Playas del Coco, you will find it a relatively straightforward process. There are many different types of properties to choose between including condos, beachfront properties and houses for sale in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica.

There is Playas del Coco Costa Rica real estate available to suit all sizes of family and meet the requirements of every individual. The properties come in all styles and sizes so you will find a house, condo or beachfront property that is perfect for you.

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