Less than one mile north of the fifty square mile Lake Arenal and at a higher elevation sits Lake Cote, a three square kilometer very, very deep heart shaped lake shrouded in mystery.

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The mystery begins in 1989 when a plane being used by the Government of Costa Rica was flying a mapping task with a high resolution camera mounted on the plane and pointing downward programmed to take photos every 17 seconds.

It shows in extraordinary detail all the features of the terrain, the lake, trees, topography and what appears to be an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) which was determined by very careful study to be about 600 feet across and just entering the lake 10,000 feet below.

This photo has been studied and analyzed by experts from all over the world and there is simply no explanation due to double exposure or deliberate fabrication of this photo.

Due to this and the fact that the bottom of the lake had never been recorded by sonar or other means, the famous French diving pioneer Jacques Costeau mounted an expedition to explore the lake. What he found is what appears to be that Lake Cote is the chute of an extinct volcano which extends downward in a twisted tunnel making sonar unusable.

Because Lake Cote is at a higher elevation than Lake Arenal and the northern shore is all National Park with pure mountain rivers pouring into the lake, the Government decided to put a pipe to run this overflow which otherwise went north down the Cote River and send it into Lake Arenal through a small hydro electric plant, before entering Lake Arenal.

The entire southern part of the lake and the surrounding area was purchased by European immigrants to Costa Rica over 50 years ago (for almost nothing these days) who eventually were assimilated into the Costa Rica family and culture. This land encompassed thousands of acres and as time passed some of it was sold here and there, one parcel of note now includes the famous eco hotel The Eco Lodge.

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But saving the best for last, the descendants of the visionary original European owner have finally decided to give it up and sell the remainder, which includes all of the Lake Cote water frontage.

Lake Cote is one of the purest, most pristine, untouched lakes in all of Central America. Bounded on the north forever by the primeval National Park, which contains an encyclopedia of Central American flora and fauna as a backdrop for the several hundred acre remainder which the owners have entrusted me to sell.

The peace and the tranquility of this particular area are palpable. The lake exudes a deep appeasing calm that over comes your senses as you get closer to the shore. The lake is also full of fish including the Rainbow Bass and other fish which are not being fished at this time.

Part of the area surrounding the southern shore of the lake, which is for sale was once planted with hundreds of orange trees, which were left to go wild some years ago.

Lakefront property, only sold by the hectare (2.5 acres) is for sale at $200,000, with many of the parcels running from the public road on one side and the lake frontage on the other. This is truly spectacular one of a kind property.

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