Just returned from an excellent ‘home-cooked’ lunch in a small restaurant in San Ignacio de Acosta which is a beautiful rural area about one hour south of San Jose.

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Once you reach the outskirts of San Jose, the drive to Acosta is a gorgeous road full of sharp curves that twist and turn through the lush, green hills above the city.

I was there visiting my friend George Lundquist who is the brains behind www.costaricaretireonss.com and we had a great time.

George, his lady wife Aija and I spent about three hours chatting about the ‘real’ life in Costa Rica and how bloody lucky we are to be living here.

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The food served was ‘comida tipica’ which is easily translated as ‘typical food’. Our perfectly cooked meal consisted of two orders of pork chops with vegetables for George and I, fried fish with vegetables for Aija, a gigantic salad which we all shared, two desserts of strawberry ice cream, three fresh fruit drinks and a cup of coffee for a grand total of 2,500 colones.

That might might sound expensive until you see that the exchange rate at the time was 405 colones to the US$1

That means lunch for three people was under US$8 and I might add that this total included a generous tip…

Me encanta Costa Rica!

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Written by our friend George Lundquist, who is the founder of Costa Rica Retire on Social Security. If you are thinking of retiring in Costa Rica, you might want to consider the tour that George offers, his goal is to share his experiences here with you to save you time and money!

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