Located in the Bolivar area, this 18,646 square meter (4.60 acre) farm is a prime piece of real estate and is perfect for development.

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Easy topography allows for MANY building sites.

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MANY fruit trees on the property some of which include banana, mandarin, guayaba and limon. This land is also home to valuable hardwoods such as cedar, oak, and laurel. Crops include ayote (squash), yucca, culantro, cilantro, tomato, beans, & corn.

60% of the property is coffee producing!!!

2,000 square meters (.49 acre) of majestic secondary forest.

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Year-round creek attracts wildlife. Myriads of beautiful, exotic birds love to visit the property!!!

This land has been farmed using mostly organic methods for the past 20 years. Continuing to farm this land organically would certainly benefit the San Ramon Community by providing healthful organic options to local shops and our farmer’s market!! Complying with this method & pursuing an organic certification would translate to an increase in property value as well.

Property can be easily divided at the service road if you do not wish to purchase all of it. One side is 12,000 square meters (2.96 acre) and the other is 6,646 square meters (1.64 acre).

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According to estimates obtained by the curruent owner, the cost to bring water and electricity to the property is approximately $10,000 (USD).

Only a few minutes to San Ramon Centro, approximately 5 kilometers!!

This rolling green dreamland could be yours……….What are you waiting for??? PURA VIDA!!!

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Build Your Own ‘Cadillac’ Style Costa Rica Home in Puriscal on a Budweiser Budget


If you are looking for quality new homes built by an American builder in the Central Valley region of Costa Rica priced under $200,000, you may want to consider the lovely area of Puriscal which is about an hour West of the San José International airport and the capital city San José.


Property ID Number: 4520


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