If you’ve spent weeks or even months researching ocean view lots, developers and gated scenic communities here in the lush Central Pacific beach areas, like most of our clients you almost feel like you’ve been here for a visit or two!

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Getting to know the beaches, towns and villages through glossy pictures and flowery descriptions over an extended period can be pretty interesting (if not actually fun) and the pronunciation of some of these places can be a real challenge for the non-Spanish speaker. However one feature of these online listings is quite consistent, that of the ocean view “depictions…”

Probably the most overused narratives evoke thoughts of magnificent “panoramic views” or “incredible vistas” or “spectacular seascapes”. Sometimes it may even seem that a thesaurus must be required reading for the ocean view marketer!

Well-framed photos and Photoshop software make even the most pedestrian and run-of-the-mill views seem to match the verbiage being thrown around to describe them. What’s missing from these ads is obvious. Potential buyers need some way to differentiate between the fantasy and the truly fantastic.

So how do we accurately rate ocean views? A scale of 1 to 10 probably isn’t going to work as there are just so many different facets to an ocean view that even an experienced Realtor would have trouble with so few scoring options. In this situation it appears that a 1-to-100 scale is probably the best approach.

To give all agents and all buyers a fair chance, let’s say that all view “ratings” will encompass 10 ratings points. For example, a thin blue ribbon of ocean in the far distance might earn a 10-20 rating while a closer view through the trees when the wind blows just right might see a 5-15 rating.

Obviously a beach front property is going to score much higher (85-95) while a 360 degree mountain top perch might begin to scrape the very top of the scale. This is precisely where personal opinion comes into play.

So exactly where is all of this leading us? To a very small town with a very challenging name, naturally! The tiny village of Bijagual (pronounced bee-hog-wall) located on a ridge line overlooking the most popular beach towns and resorts of the Central Pacific, offers what we believe to be the only 100 on our scale in the entire area. Exactly why does this place rate a “perfect” score?

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Views. Vistas. Seascapes. Panoramic! With a width and depth and variety kind of view second to none. A hundred mile plus view. The entire blue Gulf of Nicoya brand of view. A Jaco Beach & Hermosa Beach & Esterillos Beach & Tarcoles Beach type of view. The style of vista that the others all claim yet the class of view none of them can actually match. Add in a few extras available and we’ll all begin to see why one growing ocean view community scores 100 on the scale and will someday earn the distinction “Best of Class…”

After absorbing the preeminent ocean views, the first thing that strikes you about the 200+ acre Celestial Mountain Waterfall Resort is the natural ambiance of the valleys that stretch out below. Filled almost to capacity it seems with wildlife of all sorts, it’s the magnificent scarlet macaw that literally calls for your attention. The hawk, the parakeet, the parrot can all make a bid for your consideration, yet it is consistently the elusive toucan that grabs our interest.

This place is world renowned among bird watchers, but you don’t need to be one to be mesmerized by the natural drama played out every single day here. Refreshed by the ocean breezes cooled by the 1100 foot elevation, residents enjoy a singular experience that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the entire area. This place is simply irreplaceable.

These valleys offer even more for the discerning eye and the discriminating taste. The sound of pounding water draws notice to the 300+ foot waterfall below, one of the highest in all of Costa Rica.

Walking the private resident trails under the primary rainforest canopy results in spotting many of the 20+ pristine spring-fed waterfalls and shimmering pools of sparkling water below, all echoed in the calls of the monkeys. Iguanas lead the way through the forest, where the occasional sloth or even small jungle cat may cross your view in the distance. This quiet, wonderful place is the one you’ve always dreamed about…

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This community is really all about people in harmony with nature. Careful planning of home sites to insure a true neighborhood ambiance with privacy and easy access proves that at least one developer is paying attention, putting good sense before maximum profits. He should know as he and his family, his mother and his brother are the very first residents of Celestial Mountain Waterfall Resort!

Celestial Mountain also features 24 hour mobile security, water & electric already present at every lot, two lane access road, huge concrete drainage throughout, massive stone front gate, specialized anti-erosion long root plantings, thousands of developer planted flowers and trees, perpetual maintenance of paths, roads and walkways and much, much more.

We dare you to “call us out” on our descriptions of this view and this project. Come on down and see for yourself that we haven’t exaggerated a bit! Even our best photos just can’t capture the true vistas; it just has to be seen to be believed. We challenge you to find a better overall view in this area and we’re confident that you’ll be just as impressed as we are every single time we show this location and project to our customers.

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Ocean View Land For Sale From US$49K – US$199K

If you’re thinking that this millionaire’s dream location warrants a millionaire’s price, you’d be way off! Right now a 1/3+ acre ocean view lot is incredibly priced at just US$49K. A nearly ½ acre lot with north and south double ocean views is available for only US$79K, US$99K to $199K can purchase from 1.25 to 3.75 acres of “100” scale, double views of ocean and waterfall. The developer also includes water and electric to each site, rough driveway and earth movement to prepare your lot for building your dream home.


Ocean View Land For Sale – Jaco.


Costa Rica Recommended Realtors in Jaco Shawn Fletcher and his wife Hannah Fletcher.

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