There are only 9 lots of land for sale ranging in size from 5,700M2 to 2.2 hectares located beneath the beautiful San Luis waterfall.

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Often over shadowed by the world famous Diamante waterfalls located on the coastal ridge above Dominical is the San Luis waterfall. This 400 ft, plus waterfall is located behind the coastal ridge in the same area as Diamante.

From these properties there are views looking south over the Pacific and directly down on to the famous Whales Tail in Uvita. Also the views looking directly at the falls and the surrounding mountains plus primary rain forest are unmatched.

This area is located half way between the coast and the Valley General at an altitude of 3,000 feet. Wild life is still intact and there are healthy groups of howler monkeys and an abundance of different bird spices.

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Also jungle cats. From here you are 35 minutes directly down to Playa Hermosa and Uvita. 30 minutes into San Isidro, half way on very good back roads. 30 minutes to the paved road at Tinamastes through San Salvador.

The Tinamaste route is the most scenic route as you drive by the Diamante falls… Also each individual property has a building site cut in and ready to build on with water and electricity on site.

The seller is motivated and there is the option to make an offer on 1 or more lots that connect to each other and create a larger property. If you prefer a slightly cooler climate than you’ll find at the beach and peace and quiet that you will find at the top of this coastal ridge then this is a must see location.

From here you have easy access to the coast and to San Isidro, but with the quiet and privacy of the mountain. No road noise here all you here is the howlers, birds and the falls.

Land For Sale: With prices from $50,000 to $99,000 and the seller is motivated so make your offer!

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If you have a serious interest in buying a home, a farm or land that’s for sale in the San Isidro area, please contact our Recommended Costa Rica Realtors: Daveed Hollander, James Drews and John Wieland, by using the simple form below:

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There are 4 comments:

  • Anthony Hamilton at 8:39 pm

    Am looking for small parcel of land around 2 acres plus or minus in this area. Is the owner offering financing on the land?

    • luis torio at 9:40 pm

      Hello Anthony, thank you for your message, We just sent it to one of our recommended realtor Daveed Hollander.
      He will be in contact with you shortly.


  • Nathan Roush at 2:39 am

    Hey id like to buy about 5 to ten acres depending on price. Need to know details and would like to fly down to see land on person. Please contact

  • Nathan Roush at 2:52 am

    Im looking for something in jungle completely shaded by trees. Im a motivated buyer trying to build this summer. Id need help to get all paperwork in order. I am new at this and ready to invest. i also am seeking permanent residency. Please respond i have shown interest in several property’s. Im trying to find something i can live/rent. I also own a few dogs was wondering laws on dogs and what reptiles you are allowed to bring in to the country if any.

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