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Ocean Plaza, a beautiful, two- story commercial center constructed in 2006. It is located on the busy road to Herradura Beach and is the last commercial building and on the same side of the road as the entrance to the exclusive Los Sueños Resort and Marina.

* Location, Location, Location, Gurus in real estate will tell you this is the best possible location for a business which provides services to a major attraction such as Los Sueños. With two road entrances including a long road frontage of 140 meters, and ample paved parking, this Mall is an opportunity not to be missed.

* PROPERTY SIZE: is 6,430 square meters. The rentable area the first floor is 398.3 sq. meters, the second floor is 516.4 meters. The first floor is rented out completely with the exception of a kiosk of 13.3M2. The second floor has 283M2 of rentable space available.

* FEATURES: Awnings over parking stalls directly in front of stores aid accessibility, especially during the rainy season. The mall is disabled-friendly, featuring a Schindler elevator with glass panels overlooking the waterfalls and fish pond. There are quality, large-capacity public washrooms on each floor and private bathrooms in a number of the locals. A garden runs the length of the passage on the second floor, and there is an enclosed balcony with a suspended garden, a sign tower, concrete art in the floors and on the walls of the two women’s bathrooms. The mall has a new video surveillance system with multiple high resolution cameras located at strategic points throughout the mall.

* Additional revenue is realized with a thriving storage business.

* Parking: there are 45 parking spaces directly in front of the mall on the paved area with an additional 70 spaces available even after the potential development is constructed.

* PERMITS: Mall business license, health and environmental permits are complete and up-to-date.

* MAINTENANCE: Routine maintenance is done on all systems including but not limited to fire prevention systems, elevator, waterfalls and fish pond, treatment plant, and the water holding tank; water and sewage quality is monitored and approved by the ministry.

* DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY TO THE EAST OF THE MALL: An open area to the east of the mall is currently part of the mall property and has land use approval for additional commercial and or residential development of up to 10 stories. If someone is interested in the mall only or the lot only, the two could be segregated and sold separately with the services shared.

The new construction which could be a hotel, condo, or apartment tower with commercial space could be attached to the existing Mall at the first and second floors to match the current mall if desired.

Outline plans are available.

The closeness of apartments or hotel rooms to the services of the mall could be very appealing to potential residents of the tower, and the retail locals, especially on the second floor, are more rentable and at higher prices with clients living so close.

Herradura has the expensive Marriott hotel and also has cabins, but offers nothing in the mid-price range. There is a demand for accommodations for both short and long stays in this price range. Potential clients include several different categories of crew members from the marina, and both Costa Rican residents and permanent foreigners holding semi-professional jobs for both short and long stays. More specific information is available.

* SERVICES: Preparing the land for construction, and putting in the services is a major cost of any construction. In this case the majority of the work and cost has been covered as the well, water tank, transformer and public bathrooms were all designed with a future phase 2 in mind.

* FINANCING The Owner can offer up to 40% financing of the purchase price to an approved buyer.

Ms. Catherine Louise Whitehouse
Phone Number 1-705-243-9446
Mobile 1-705-868-5924

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