Where is Nosara Located?

Nosara is located on the North Pacific Coast of the Nicoya Peninsula, and is situated about 100 miles west of the bustling capital of San Jose. Right between the immensely popular beach towns of Playa Samara and Playa Tamarindo is where the region sits, and the 5 scenic beachfront towns of Playa Nosara, Playa Garza, Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada, and Playa Ostional are all located within Nosara.

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When travelers and residents refer to Nosara, they are usually referring to Playa Guiones, where many of the hotels, luxury properties, restaurants, and souvenir shops can be found. There are competent medical facilities, a pharmacy, banks, postal office, and quality supermarkets located in the official town center of Nosara, and many celebrities have chosen to live here in this stunning beachfront area.

Like many other parts of Central America, Nosara has a rainy and dry season, but enjoys fairly warm weather all year round. Temperatures on average are around the mid-eighties in Nosara, and the stargazing at night during clear skies provides a world-famous opportunity to watch the atmosphere during beautiful evenings.

Activities in Nosara

One of the activities that Nosara is most famous for is Yoga; the Nosara Yoga Institute was absolutely a blueprint for many yoga studios that currently thrive in Costa Rica. This activity that keeps you limber, balances the mind, and strengthens the muscles is one of the most popular here, and there are many events in Nosara that you don’t see anywhere else in the world. The locations that are truly slices of paradise here are also ideal for impromptu sessions on the sand, and a very friendly atmosphere for the serious follower.

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You can also take boxing lessons from a professional woman boxer, marvel at what a great location this is for stand-up Paddleboarding, or explore the many vast rivers of the Nosara area by kayak. Also one of the top 20 surf destinations in the world, this is where many professionals come to sample the breaks, along with world-class fishing, horseback riding, and snorkeling.

Simply coming out and watching the sunset is a wildly popular thing to do here in Nosara, because it is so beautiful. It is a great way to meet the people that live here, perhaps paint a picture of your own on canvas, and enjoy the community of ocean-lovers that dwell here, for the most part free of violent crime.

Houses For Sale in Nosara

Everything from breathtaking views and colorful landscaping are found here as features that homes for sale in Nosara Costa Rica have. Amenities such as back lots, additional cabanas, and homes that are right on the beach or just minutes away are some of the things you’ll see frequently, and although this area is known for higher-than-average prices, it is well worth it.

For a 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom house that is about 7 minutes from the beach and has a full kitchen as well as large loft and lush landscaping, you can expect prices on the average in between $280,000 – $400,000. Many of these are perfect to embark on your own journey with for a rental business, or to have as a full-time or holiday dwelling for the best family reunions imaginable.

In the higher but just-below luxury price range, you can take a look at sample properties such as a 3-bedroom , 3-bathroom home with approximately 700-800 square meters of living space. Features such as a detached yoga/dining rancho, steel security doors, surfboard storage room, and swimming pool can all be found as you move up in size and price here in Nosara. For a home such as this, the average price range is $600,000 – $850,000.

There are very interesting and unique properties throughout all of Nosara, as much attention and development has been reaching a high pace as of late. Some of the most modern contemporary tropical styles can be found here: excellent turnkey homes that have open floor plans, sliding glass partition walls, and breezy, open dining areas. Homes like this can be found here for an average price of around $450,000, and are truly eye-catching and very trendy places to call home.

Condominium Living in Nosara

When you opt for a condominium as your living choice in this paradise haven of steady surf and warm temperatures, you are getting the ultimate in comfort and ease of access. There is nothing as convenient as knowing that you have someone right on-site to take care of issues such as security and maintenance.

If you are newly single or a couple that wants to experience different regions of the world, a condominium is ideal: you have amenities such as living within a gated community, your own or shared swimming pools, and you are still within close range of surf and sand. Many condominium properties are available in the Nosara area for an average price of around $350,000 – $450,000, and are stunning, spacious abodes that anyone would love stepping in to for a vacation, or to permanently call home.

Many condo properties here rent at around $1250 per week, and have management staff that takes care of rental bookings for you while you are away. Perfect locations, comfortable accommodations, and giving the renter the ability to have a slice of paradise are all high points of obtaining properties such as this for your own investment portfolio, or to call home year-round.

Options for Buying Land in Nosara

Buying land and having the option to build whatever you want is becoming increasingly popular, and many migrating here are realizing the value of purchasing a blank canvas for their future building and development. There are farm developments for sale in Nosara that boast wonderful features such as property for horse grazing, plentiful water sources, and lovely natural streams. You can acquire a lot like this here for an average price of around $250,000 – $380,000, and then work on building your dreams with a master architect or development specialist.

There are lots for sale in Nosara that boast the ultimate commercial development potential: for average prices of around $120,000, you can capitalize on average size of 1900 square meter lots that would be perfect for surf hotels or shops, and they are very close to the area of Ostional, which is known as one of the best wave beaches there is on the Pacific. Being one of the first in operation in a location such as this is always rewarding, and many entrepreneurs who are looking to escape would value this area greatly.

Luxury Homes for Safe in Nosara

Luxury living in Nosara is the best option for many who choose to come here: they want to enjoy more than ample space, kitchens equipped for very large parties, and other features such as outdoor pool and carports are very modern and finished to the highest of standards. Luxury properties with these features here can run on average within the price range of $750,000 – $1,000,000, and are true jewels of paradise.

Other luxury properties here feature breathtaking views overlooking Playa Guiones, vaulted ceilings and amazing entertaining areas, and the luxury of living in a gated community. Covered patios, large infinity pools, and solar powered Jacuzzis are just some of the lavish features you will discover in properties such as this, that range on average between $900,000 – $1,250,000.

Gated Community Living in Nosara

Living in a gated community can give you the sense of perfect security that comes with knowing you are on a private estate, and secluded from any elements that could be unfavorable. Fun and funky beach houses are available in gated communities here: you get features such as 24-hour security, large covered patios, vaulted ceilings, and expanded kitchen areas.

Properties such as this go within the average price range of $600,000 – $800,000, with many more features and higher space allotments the higher you go. Locations such as Casa Madera offer properties in gated communities that range from upper middle class to full-blown luxury, and these are prime opportunities to have a place to escape do during the North American winter, or a permanent residence if you have fallen in love with Nosara for obvious reasons, as many already have.

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