In the Top ten things we do NOT like about living in Costa Rica I touched on how the general noise level in Costa Rica is often a little higher than most Europeans and North Americans are accustomed to…

Ticos have a much higher tolerance for noise than we do. We do have spring-like weather all year round and when you have your windows open for most of the day and night you will hear more noise from outside than you would normally do back home with all your windows shut tight to protect you from the cold or the heat.

This noise includes car horns…

Car horns are a form of communication in Costa Rica and are used to convey a variety of complex messages that you and I will never understand.

This last weekend we witnessed a parade of cars blowing their horns to draw attention to the political campaign of candidate Otton Solis who is running in Costa Rica’s election…

It was agony…

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Costa Rica Video

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