When you begin customizing MemberGate to suit your needs, one of the most important pages to work on is content page number 10 – the ‘Membership has its benefits’ page.

Content Page 10 is the page that is linked to from your portal page in the subscription info link, and it is also the page linked to for non members to view in the login in page.

Basically content page 10 provides non-members all the reasons they should become members – and it also provides a direct link to the member application form. It’s the link to the member application form that we will address here.

The link that comes with the default page 10 points to the application form on your site (content page 5) in this format A href=”main.cfm?page=5″ . That link works, but it doesn’t take into account the SSL secure site address you are probably using to offer a secure order form.

To link to your site order form, you need to change the above link from A href=”main.cfm?page=5″ to A href=https://www.yoursitename.com/public/main.cfm?page=5

Note we’ve added the full url to the secure address – you have to do this in order for the browser to link to the secure order form. If you don’t do this and your visitor clicks the link, they will be taken to the order form, but it will not be secure and that might cause the visitor to change their mind about joining.

So as soon as you have your ssl certificate, change content page 10 to reflect a link to your secure order form. And also be sure to go to the ‘edit site descriptions’ on your control panel, and change the last item on that page – the SSL address of your site. Doing this will increase sales, and keep your order form secure.

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