Meeting new friends is the name of the game. People who are considering moving or vacationing in a new country wonder how they will meet new people to socialize with. One of the fundamental ways is to choose an area that is popular with foreigners.

You have a good chance of meeting new people every time you step out the door.

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The easy-going attitude in Costa Rica makes meeting new friends easy. There’s always something to do, places to explore or dinners to be shared. Playas del Coco is a great beach destination for many reasons and the ease of meeting people is one of them.

The more often you visit Coco, the more comfortable you’ll feel wandering around town. You’ll be surprised how quickly you meet people and pretty soon… you’re not the new guy in town. It will feel like you’ve been here for years.

Best ways to meet new friends in Playas del Coco

Happy Hour

With Happy Hours ranging from 11:30 am to 7:00 pm every day depending on the bar or restaurant, there is always something happening. You can be sure to find a variety of North Americans and Europeans sipping a cold one and swapping stories with everyone.

Though you may find you run into a lot of tourists, many expats who live in the Playas del Coco area take time to gather at one of the local bars to take part in the daily activities such as karaoke, live music and game night.

It’s a great way to meet up with friends including new ones like you. Single people feel comfortable in this environment as everyone is there to enjoy themselves.

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Coconutz is one of the most popular sports bars in Coco and you’ll always find some new as well as familiar old faces to chat with. If you’re a sports fan, this will become your go-to place with the multitude of TV monitors mounted in every corner of the bar.

Serving up typical bar food such as deep fried chicken, buffalo wings, pizza, burgers and of course beer or your favourite beverage, you can get your sports fix every week while partaking of the local fare.

Another popular spot is Zi Lounge. Though not a sports bar, expats and vacationers gather here daily for the great food, to visit with other expats or to listen to live music 2-3 times a week.

During high season, you’ll want to put your dancing shoes on and join the party!

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Other local bars and restaurants in Coco include Garden 248, Papagayo Seafood, Le Coq, Tiki Coco, La Vida Loca, Café de Playa, the Pacifico Beach Club and El Ancla to name a few. La Vida Loca is a well-known watering hole that hosts the legendary rock and roll band, The Leatherbacks, during high season. Donny Walsh with Downchild Blues Band is a frequent guest musician at La Vida Loca.

There are so many wonderful restaurants and bars in the area that it will take you weeks to try them all but no doubt you’ll find your favourites.

Walks on the beach

The main attraction of Playas del Coco is the beach and the residents love it. Go early in the morning and you’ll see the early birds taking their daily morning walk or go in the evening to catch a beautiful sunset.

Either way, it’s common to see expats out and about at the beach. If you’re a dog lover, there’s nothing better than taking your dog for a run on the sand.

You can be sure you’ll meet up with others who feel exactly the same way you do about your daily walk on the beach.

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Chatting with the local Costa Ricans

Don’t be shy. Take time to strike up a conversation with one of the local residents. You can’t miss the friendly nature of the Ticos who are quick to smile and offer a helping hand if needed. It’s easy to strike up a conversation and even if your Spanish is minimal, you’ll be welcomed with open arms for trying.

Practicing your Spanish lessons on the street is one of the best ways to gain confidence when learning a new language.

Go to a church service

Although Costa Rica is primarily a Catholic country, you will find many other denominations and churches in the area such as Jehovah Witness, Lutheran, Seventh Day Adventist, Hope Fellowship, Christian Fellowship and many more.

Every church provides great opportunities to meet people and to give back to the community with volunteer opportunities.

Work out at the gym

Gyms are always great places for locals and expats to work out and meet like-minded people along the way. Coco Gym and Shape Up Coco Beach offer numerous classes like Zumba, Crossfit and spinning classes each week.

They are packed with high quality workout equipment that should meet or exceed your expectations. Both gyms can offer coaching and nutritional counseling if needed.

Stay fit and healthy and meet new people!

The list is endless. You have so many opportunities to meet people that your biggest challenge will be to stay home. Your social calendar will be as busy as you want it to be.

Come to Playas del Coco. Your new friends are waiting for you!

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