Manuel Antonio. The most popular tourist destination in Costa Rica.

Situated just 130 kilometers west of the capital of San Jose and nestled along the spectacular beauty of the Pacific coast, Manuel Antonio is the most popular destination in Costa Rica.

Boasting more than 100 species of mammals and almost 200 species of birds, Manuel Antonio National Park features a lush canopy of tropical forest and tremendous biodiversity. Also home to breathtaking beaches, Manuel Antonio was recently selected by Forbes as one of the most beautiful parks in the world.

While Manuel Antonio is actually one of the smallest parks in Costa Rica, the four beaches here extend well beyond the park’s borders. Visitors to the park will find there to be an excellent selection of accommodation and dining options, despite the small size of the town.

For visitors who wish to be close to the beach, there are numerous beachside accommodations. Hilltop lodging options also provide excellent views of the ocean and surrounding rainforest.

Situated along the main road in town are numerous restaurants, including El Avion, which features al fresco dining on a terrace overlooking the forest. Only the bar is located inside. Visitors will find that most of the restaurants here offers a distinctive blend of traditional Tico and American food, such as fried plantain, eggs, and gallo pinto, a local favorite of rice and beans.

Most of the restaurants here tend to stay open late, although there are a few that stay open later than others, such as Liquid, which is known for drinking and dancing. While small, this club is quite popular and stays open until the wee hours of the morning. If you’re looking to kick back and relax, grab a lounge chair and order a chilled pipa, which is coconut water served straight from the coconut.

However you prefer to relax, you will find plenty of options to do so in beautiful Manuel Antonio.

Manuel Antonio. The most popular tourist destination in Costa Rica.

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