Why might you want to live in a boutique rural community rather than in a large development with many closely spaced houses or condos in high rise towers? First and foremost it will be to have excellent neighbours, and to contribute to and revel in a joyful community spirit.

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Bonnie Vining wrote in her winning entry about vibrant communities: “A vibrant community has a joyfulness that resonates and its own soul that transcends every individual in the community. It’s like individual threads woven into a colorful garment or individual instruments combining to create a beautiful symphony”.

When you live in a small community you are more able to create and partake of such a joyful spirit. By necessity you depend on your community and your community depends on you.

In a development like Altos de Antigua you have neighbours with whom you can interact daily if that is desired. However, the homes are separated far enough apart that you can stay cocooned within your own private space when you want to.

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Along with the social interactions you can enjoy in a small community there is also greatly increased security. Your neighbours and the people on the construction and maintenance crews know who should and should not be within the development.

Having your home in a boutique development means that you have more time to spend enjoying your home and its surroundings, time that you would otherwise spend doing maintenance chores. All the common areas, the pool and recreation centre and the roads are maintained by Altos de Antigua crews. While you are away your own home will be maintained for you by people you know and trust.

There are also many features that you might not be able to enjoy if yours is a standalone property.

In Altos de Antigua there is a pool and recreation centre that all owners and their guests can enjoy. If an owner would rather not make use of the community pool they can choose to not purchase a pool share. However, it makes so much sense to use a community pool rather than building your own pool.

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By necessity, an individual pool on a building site will be much smaller than the community pool, and the owner will need to deal with the continued maintenance of the pool structure and cleanliness and pH balance of the water. Based on the cost to build an individual pool and to eliminate hours of mandatory maintenance effort it makes perfect sense to use the community facility that is maintained daily by the Altos de Antigua maintenance crew.

In what other small development will you find a pool facility with a children’s wading area, bar stools in the water, 18 metre long swim lanes, and a hot tub? As more owners join the Altos de Antigua community the recreation area will be further expanded to suit their growing needs and desires. Owners will help to decide what those additions will be.

In addition to electrical and water services, wired telecommunications is also available. Internet speeds over the wire are such that you can enjoy video calls over Skype.

Brian McLane, the developer, also offers rental services to help you rent your property when you are not using it. He takes care of making your rental guests welcome and comfortable, and also deals with cleaning up your home when they leave. This ability to rent your home while you are not using it makes it much easier to afford your place in paradise.

One of the features the developers of Altos de Antigua are especially proud of is the quality of the roads within the community. The main roads are paved and have concrete ditches to manage the flow of water.

Read the recent article by Jan Hart titled Living in Costa Rica and Doing It The Tico Way to see what you do not want to have to go through. By living within a community that has paved roads you will not experience what Jan did.

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Just as important as having paved roads to begin with is the maintenance of those roads after they are built. The roads within Altos de Antigua are very well maintained indeed, and by their own crews. Such maintenance of roads and other shared community assets is covered by the HOA fees.

Being part of the Altos de Antigua community means that owners have worry free enjoyment of lovely, secure and well maintained homes in the beautiful mountains of Costa Rica. More than that, when living here they have an established community of friendly neighbours with whom they can socialize.

To feel secure, stress free, and happy enjoying your home in paradise you owe it to yourself to check out the Altos de Antigua development at La Palma.

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VIP Member John Orian, P. Eng.

Written by John Orian, P. Eng. “If you want something done give it to John!” Having earned this reputation with a billion dollar company and a major Canadian city, John now offers training and coaching in Project Management.

John’s main focus in Costa Rica is helping to create a vibrant international community at Altos de Antigua where he is an owner and investor.

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