I arrived in the South Pacific of Costa Rica 13 years ago and immediately knew I had stumbled across a coastal paradise.

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My profession as a Realtor brought me to this part of the world and I soon fell in love with not only its picturesque landscape but the people.

Welcomed by the local community, I soon realized that Dominical was the perfect place for me. I married and with the birth of our son, Ethan, we were ready for a new adventure:

Children Living Happily on the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

Being able to raise your children in an environment such as the South Pacific is an incredible opportunity, if you’ve never considered it before perhaps now’s the time.

Surrounded by a tropical landscape abundant with fascinating flora and fauna and living nearby some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you’re children will be active and healthy.

There’s an endless amount of activities that children can enjoy in the South Pacific of Costa Rica and although we have access to a computer and cable television, the majority of our free days are spent in our garden or out and about.

Ethan was born to live in the South Pacific and he never tires of our family beach time, sunset get-togethers with friends or wildlife watching rainforest treks, and to be honest, nor do we.

He’s already body boarding and spends hours beach combing. With flora and fauna abound, you’ll find that the simplest things please children, when they live surrounded by the natural beauty of the South Pacific.

Healthy Family Living in Dominical.

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Without a McDonalds in sight and easy access to inexpensive fresh produce such as fruit and fish, I know my family enjoys a healthy diet. Dominical has a farmers market every weekend and we often head down there to stock up on bananas, mangoes, pineapples, papaya and vegetables.

I am lucky enough to say I spend a lot of time with family and I honestly believe that the South Pacific way of life has made this possible. I am able to play an active role in family life so that my son not only learns at school but also at home.

Largely due to the growing expat community in the South Pacific, the Escuela Verde is a bilingual school that opened in February 2010. With a comprehensive curriculum, the mission of the school is to prepare children to be resourceful and independent while inspiring them to give back to their multi-cultural community and the natural environment.

The school helps educate children to become active participants in protecting the local environment and promoting sustainable living.

Why Don’t You Consider Starting Your New Life Here?

Of course, moving abroad with children is a life changing decision that must be given careful consideration. However, taking into account that many other families have relocated to the South Pacific of Costa Rica, it’s fair to say it’s an excellent place to raise a family.

With access to essential amenities including banks, well stocked grocery stores, pharmacies, dentists and a new hospital, adapting to coastal life is easier than you might think.

I will never tire of being surrounded by verdant hillsides, turquoise blue oceans, deserted white sandy beaches and the abundance of exotic wildlife. For me the South Pacific is one of the few places not only in Costa Rica, but in the world that retains its natural authenticity.

It’s the sort of place that is so special; you don’t want to tell even your closest friends for fear of word getting out. This of course is quite the predicament when I work in promoting the regions’ real estate!

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Many parents soon realize that the South Pacific is a fantastic place to raise a family. Costa Rican culture holds children in great esteem and you’ll certainly love being a parent here too. Not content with one son, we have a new addition to our family, Zoe was born in March this year. I wonder what her favorite pastime in the South Pacific will be…

Living on the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica – Why we’re happy our children are growing up in Dominical

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