Debra Huls has been a resident of Lake Arenal for over 5 years, and although she’s lived in other countries around the world, Costa Rica has captured her heart like none other.

The climate, the people, and the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle makes this the perfect place for her and many others to call “home”.

As a yoga instructor, Debra recognizes the importance of finding one’s inner peace, and she’ll be the first to tell you that Lake Arenal is the best place to have that experience on a daily basis.

The clean air, ability to find tranquility, excellent food and variety of activities in the area contributes to an overall higher quality of life. But let’s not forget to talk about the weather the climate here is comfortable year round. It’s never too hot. It’s never cold. In fact, many people find they don’t even need air conditioning here.

Debra invites those who love the great outdoors to come check out Lake Arenal. “If you like nature,” she says, “you need to be in Costa Rica.” The abundance of wildlife and brightly colored plants make this a tropical haven favored by expats and locals alike. It’s easy to have a beautiful yard and garden here.

According to Debra, all you have to do is “cut a branch, stick it in the ground, and you have a very gorgeous plant in a very short amount of time.”

Lake Arenal presents a number of opportunities for hosting retreats or starting a small business. Community members are welcoming, and you’ll have the chance to offer services and goods that are truly unique to the area.

Debra notes the diversity in real estate options for people interested in moving to the area. Whether you’re looking for a home that’s already been built or a lot to build your dream home on, we recommend Tom Molloy, a trusted realtor that’s been Costa Rica for nearly a decade.

Living in the Beautiful Lake Arenal Area of Costa Rica – A video interview with Lake Arenal Resident Debra Huls.

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