It is 6.55am, clear, sunny and 72 degrees here in Santa Ana, Costa Rica.

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Two black shouldered kites were diving, swirling together in a majestic aerial ballet in the cool morning winds above Santa Ana where we live in Costa Rica. Their elegant and graceful dance kept me mesmerized for five minutes or so as I was walking with my stocky canine friend ‘Vashik’.

My dog Vashik never notices the hawks or if he does, he doesn’t let on, his only focus as always, is to find the dreaded, most terrifying of all tropical, jungle beasts to be found in Costa Rica – the ardilla or in English – the squirrel!

At one point Vashik’s eyes start to get bigger, his breathing quickens and his tail wags furiously but it turns out to be another false alarm and his hunt for his nemesis, the ardilla continues.

At 7am it’s nearly always a crisp, clear, sunny ‘great to be alive!’ morning.

The temperature at this time and also at sunset, is always warm enough for me to take the dog for a walk wearing only my shorts, hiking boots with no shirt on.

I never imagined life could be this good is an expression you will hear often when you speak to some of the foreigners living here.

If you’re getting the right advice from the best experts to help you … You may just end up saying the same thing yourself one day…

Costa Rica Living in Santa Ana Video:

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Living in Santa Ana – Free video

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