Sally O’Boyle is originally from Kentucky but lived in Key West, Florida for 30 years.

Sally considers herself more of a “city girl” and lives in Escazu with her husband Hal and her two teenage sons. She feels that Escazu which is probably the most modern city in Costa Rica even though she drives past “cow poop at least once a day.”

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In Key West, Sally was a Realtor for 14 years and was also involved with property management. Sally does not work as a Realtor in Costa Rica

The O’Boyle family had planned to stay in Costa Rica for a year but “fell in love with it here,” the “quality of life” and it’s “way more relaxed.”

As a mother of two teens, she was concerned about the health care but after Sally and her husband paid $220 each for a procedure that would have cost them $5,000 each in Key West, they felt more comfortable with health care in Costa Rica .

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In comparison to Key West, Florida Sally and her husband save thousands of dollars per month just on property taxes, home insurance and utility bills.

Sally even sings in a local band now – Harmony Roads – and is very active in the English language Little Theatre Group.

Please note that the video shows a sample of properties in the area.

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Living in Escazu, Costa Rica – Video interview with Sally O’Boyle

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