For me it goes back to 1994 when I first discovered Dominical. At that time, Dominical was considered at the end of the road. Dominical really has not changed a whole lot, or lost it’s flavor.

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There’s still the same little village, with a bumpy road in leading you to a beautiful beach usually with perfect waves rolling in. You look down the beach, and you see the peninsula of Punta Dominical sticking out into the sea with a beautiful protected bay that has 22 feet of depth on low tide, and is home to the local fishing fleet.

Dominical is uniquely positioned with the Diamante and Barucito headwater rivers flowing together flowing into what is the Baru that drains out on the north side of the village of Dominical.

These watersheds provide us with some of the most spectacular waterfalls and natural swimming holes.

North of the Baru river is 900 acres of Haciendas Baru Wildlife Refuge that will never be developed, eliminating that fear that many have wherever they decide to settle.

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The Dominical beach area is a very narrow sliver of land with the coastal mountain range rising from sea level to 1,200 feet. The land in the mountain range, is very steep and rugged, and for me, it is nature’s way of protecting Dominical from overdevelopment along the coast and in the mountains, and allowing us lucky residents living here to enjoy nature to it’s fullest.

I really enjoy the views, and the cool comfortable temperatures of 70-80 degrees with a constant breeze, and also the seven minute ride to the beach to catch a wave.

The coastline from Dominical south is one rocky point and bay and beach after another, making the area full of exciting discoveries.

Snorkeling, great diving, and exciting fishing are all right in front of us, and we are blessed with natural wonders all around us.

That is what makes Dominical so delightfully different, and I wake up every morning feeling lucky to have found such a special place!

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Written by James Drews who is a professional Realtor living and working on the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

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