Finca La Florita is a dairy in Esterillos, Costa Rica (very close to Jaco) that makes their own yogurt, milk, cheeses, chile sauce, sour cream, and cream.

Oh I had the most beautiful pictures of this place and our experience, just picture it! I have figured out how to do screen shots of my video while it is playing on Tyler’s computer.

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Visiting A Dairy Farm in Esterillos Costa Rica

Dairy Farm in Esterillos Costa Rica from Vanessa Brown on Vimeo.

If you are in the area, YES you should go visit. If you are the area, YES you should buy their products. I don’t have the energy to turn this into a review but yes yes yes do it.

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Tyler and I really enjoy understanding other businesses. We love hearing about how they do things. I think it must be because we feel a connection to them doing it ourselves.

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It is like a comradery between ourselves where we find ourselves rooting them on. We want to know every detail of their business and are mesmerized hearing about it.

The day was chalked full of new experiences; milking a cow, riding a water buffalo, being licked by sweet baby calves, enjoying our time with the owners, teaching the girls more of where their food comes from, and sampling all of their products.

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Such a wonderful experience, out here in Cocoristo. I did learn once again that communities need to support their local businesses more.

I believe if people understood just a little bit how much heart goes into businesses, how much harder some of them work to make your products better, and how much higher the quality is.

That people would make changes; in their mindset, or moving our their budget numbers a bit, or quit buying unnecessary things at Target…to help out local companies. I wish, I hope, you should.

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Written by Vanessa Brown: In November 2012 Vanessa, her husband Tyler sold most of what they owned in Utah, U.S., and moved to the Playa Hermosa area near Jaco, Costa Rica with their four small children for a six month sabbatical.

In her articles Vanessa writes about their family’s traveling experiences, what it is like living abroad with four young girls (all under age 7), arts & crafts and finding beauty in everyday life living in Costa Rica.

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