In reading the letters from our satisfied customers from all over the world, you will quickly find that has the best, most up to date and trustworthy information about living in Costa Rica because unlike some people who call themselves experts – who don’t even live here – we do!

We are not professional travel writers that visit for ten days and then pretend that we ‘know’ what living in Costa Rica is all about…

We are nearly 18,000+ VIP Members of – We are Americans, we are Canadians, we are British, we have successful businesses here, we have jobs here, we have children here, we live here, we invest in Costa Rica real estate and yes! We love Costa Rica!

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Living in Costa Rica.

But even though you love something, it doesn’t mean we can’t see room for improvements, we do and, we do write about the challenges associated with living in a foreign country too.

At you will find more than 2,500 articles with plenty of expert information and learn from people living in Costa Rica that genuinely care about you – after all, you might end up being their neighbor – and not someone that’s just trying to sell you something…

It’s important for you to remember that unlike more regulated and developed real estate markets, with Costa Rica real estate, you simply must do your homework and hire qualified professionals. It has taken Scott Oliver nearly ten years to find the small group of truly expert real estate professionals that our real estate investment clients work with and we live here.

You can just imagine how difficult it can be for someone to find qualified, experienced and most importantly – trustworthy – professionals when they don’t live here. That’s why we are here to help you.

Scott’s extensive research and countrywide connections will help inform and protect you by giving you the facts about Costa Rica real estate, trustworthy Costa Rica Realtors, mortgages, real estate developments and expert and objective information about living in Costa Rica.

In watching our short videos as part of the Free Living in Costa Rica 7 Day Online Video Tour, you can sit back, relax and take your time about deciding if you wish to visit Costa Rica to live, to retire or invest in real estate or, you may end up deciding that this country is just not for you…

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