Costa Rica’s newly accessible property paradise – Playa Uvita, South Pacific, Costa Rica has been highlighted as an excellent year to invest in the real estate market in the South Pacific of Costa Rica.

This area is well known for its panoramic ocean views, lush tropical rainforest and sandy beaches and the once small beach town of Uvita is at the forefront of property investment opportunities in this area. There is no doubt that the Uvita real estate market is in for a busy year.

The opening of the new highway to Caldera was something many Costa Rican residents had waited for, for many years. Cutting travel time from San Jose, by half, the South Pacific is now just a pleasant three hour drive from the country’s capital.

With the opening of the Caldera highway, property value in the area of the South Pacific including Playa Dominical, Playa Ojochal and Playa Uvita has increased considerably. In many respects Uvita real estate offers an excellent return on investment for a variety of influencing factors.

Unlike extensive development that has defined areas of Guanacaste in the Nicoya Peninsula the South Pacific has retained much of its natural authenticity and prices in this part of Costa Rica have remained low due to the areas inaccessibility. But it should be noted that these prices won’t stay low for much longer.

Continued improvements to the highway between Quepos, Manuel Antonio and the South Pacific have further added to the areas investment value, cutting travel time between these two areas from two hours to just 25 minutes. Savvy property investors snapped up homes in the South Pacific knowing that sooner or later, the poor accessibility to this area would have to change.

The town of Uvita is located approximately 17 kilometers to the South of Dominical. In recent months this once quiet fishing village has enjoyed a controlled expansion. With a wider range of facilities, a developed network of services, a stronger infrastructure and a growing friendly expat community Uvita is becoming the talk of the South Pacific.

When it comes to Uvita real estate there are a range of investment opportunities that offer an excellent value pay. Sustainable development in this area promises to ensure the paradise landscape of Playa Uvita remains untouched and ensures the preservation of its beautiful white sandy beach which is excellent for swimming and snorkeling.

The nearby Marina Ballena National Park is famous a sand bar has acquired the shape of a whale’s tale through natural erosion. The national park is home to humming birds, sloths, parrots, iguanas and sloths and its coastal border is visited by whales, turtles and resident dolphins.

Snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, horseback riding and canopy tours are popular activities for not only visiting tourists but residents.

The areas natural assets inevitably increase the value of Uvita real estate and this town also benefits from all the necessary amenities. National Banks recognized the development of the area long ago and have since set up branch offices in Uvita.

Banco de Costa Rica, Banco Nacional de Costa Rica and Banco Popular are located here and offer personal as well as commercial services for businesses in the area.

Residents of Uvita can enjoy the benefits of a well stocked supermarkets, electrical appliance stores, pharmacies, restaurants and art galleries.

Restaurants in Ojochal are well known for their fine cuisine and many tourists who stay in Playa Dominical, Playa Uvita or nearby often make the journey to sample the culinary delights on offer in this multicultural town.

The Uvita real estate market is also strong because of the available health facilities in the area. Uvita has its own EBAIS which is a local government clinic which offers free medical care.

Perhaps the most notable advancement in the area is the opening of the new hospital which is just twenty minutes away from Uvita. Hospital de Osa in Cortes services the southern area of Costa Rica and has a total of 23 departments with multilingual staff as well as emergency airlift transportation services.

If you are considering investing in Costa Rica real estate, find out more about the properties available in Playa Uvita and the rest of the South Pacific of Costa Rica. Acquiring a property in paradise has never been so accessible.

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