Pictures tell a better story, so I am not going too write much here.

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Little girls and horses are a perfect match. Anywhere. Right here in Uvita and Ojochal Costa Rica, we have perfect spots for this union to flourish.

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Whether your daughter is just starting and needs something slow and easy, La Merced Horse stables in Uvita is a perfect starting place for you.

Gentle strolls through the pastures where Monkeys are abundant. Slow trots along the beach or a jungle cruise safely away from the highway are available.

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La Merced has dozens of well-maintained horses for all ages and their staff is patient, experienced and fabulous!

Like my daughter, who began riding at the young age of three, there are options that provide more instruction. A private family in Ojochal created a stable for such beginners seeking proper guidance. English riding for kids.

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In the heart of Ojochal safely away from everything, little girls have an oasis to enjoy with complete instruction. Girls learn how to trot, gallop, turn, stop and even care for horses.

It is a perfect starting point and yet another feature within our communities.

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Take a look. Your daughters will be happy you saw this….

Little Girls and Ponies (Horses) Go Perfect Together.

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