The Lake Arenal region is world famous for its biodiversity, and while most people are scouring the treetops for mammals and birds, we encourage you to head out on the lake to see what you can find.

Fishing is a popular activity both beginner and advanced anglers will surely enjoy. It’s not uncommon to hear people remark that Lake Arenal is the prettiest lake they’ve ever had the privilege of fishing and it’s probably the only one with a volcano too.

With nearly 33 square miles of stunning blue-green water to explore, there’s no better way to learn where the best fishing spots are than to hire a local captain.

Your adventure begins at dawn. Anglers have the option of choosing between half-day and full-day charters. Most guides will recommend the early morning typically 6:00am since that’s when the fish are biting and the lake is calm.

All you need to bring is comfortable clothing, sunscreen and maybe a hat. Rods and reels, tackle, food and drink are graciously provided by the captain.

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Drop a line and get ready to hook a guapote (aka rainbow bass), or perhaps even a machaca is lurking among the stumps and fallen trees. The beautiful rainbow bass earned its name for its speckled, iridescent skin. The highlight of your trip will be reeling in a machaca.

With its razor sharp teeth, this hard-fighting fish looks has the appearance of a gargantuan piranha. Good thing you’ll have a seasoned captain that knows how to get the hook out. Many of the fisherman here practice catch and release fishing in order to keep Lake Arenal’s ecosystem healthy.

The icing on the cake to your epic day of fishing will be cruising from one of end of the lake to the other. The lush green shoreline, tropical waterfowl and cool breezes are enough to keep you coming back for more.

When you’re ready to incorporate fishing into you daily activities as a Lake Arenal resident, Costa Rica Lake Properties will put you in you in touch with the area’s best fishing guides and captains and help you find the perfect home or lot.

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Let’s Go Fishing on Lake Arenal in Costa Rica.

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