We are experiencing an increasingly uncertain world with the recent financial crisis and collapse of the world markets, the 2008 oil price shocks that sent energy and food costs to the stratosphere, the rapid decay of our ecosystem, and depleting fresh water supplies.

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Many experts predict more oil shocks in the near future due to the statistics behind “Peak Oil” and the declining value of the US dollar.

According to environmentalists, human population growth has already far exceeded the natural carrying capacity of planet Earth, making us ever more dependent on fossil fuels for our modern civilization to function.

Although there are many reasons given for the recent global economic meltdown, $147 per barrel oil as a cause has been rarely discussed. The entire world economy depends on oil, and this fuel of life went from $17 per barrel in 2001 to $147 in 2008. This, in my opinion, was the primary cause of the global economic collapse, not the deficient 5% of mortgages in the US.

The large multinational agriculture corporations must use heavy doses of fossil fuel based fertilizers and pesticides to grow crops on otherwise unfertile soil, while using massive diesel tractors to plant and harvest, only to transport the crops thousands of miles to big box stores. No wonder the cost of rice doubled in 2008 along with oil.

It is also estimated that 70% of the world’s fresh water supply is used for irrigation and other agribusiness. This system is highly unsustainable and is likely to experience further problems as oil and water become less available and more expensive. The US and other parts of the world have made a conscious effort to increase focus on local food production to lesson the impact of future oil shocks.

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Costa Rica is well positioned to weather any storm caused by future increases in the price of oil. Costa Rica produces over 95% of its electricity through renewable means like hydroelectric, geothermal, and wind power.

Costa Rica is considered a “BioGem” according to the Natural Resource Council, a place where 27% of the land mass is reserved (the world leader) and local food production is overflowing. Ranked as the 5th most environmentally clean country by Yale University’s Environmental Performance Index (EPI), Costa Rica has committed to becoming the first carbon neutral country by 2021.

Costa Rica is fast becoming a highly desirable location for those seeking to live a sustainable lifestyle in comfort. An intelligently designed new sustainable community is now fully-titled and available for purchase. Enjoy healthy living with food, energy, and water security in this new permaculture community in San Mateo, Costa Rica.

Located on the ultra-clean Rio Machuca in San Mateo, which is on the Western edge of the Central Valley between Atenas and Orotina. The community is only 25 minutes to central Pacific beaches, 25 minutes to Atenas, and 15 minutes to the new highway. San Mateo is a tradition small agriculture town with a nice central park and all basic services.

The community offers 42 titled lots for eco-home sites with extensive organic gardens, fruit & nut trees, aquaculture, plenty of fresh water, and alternative energy designs. It’s a place where the “community” aspect is still important for people to live healthy and sustainable lifestyle, celebrating food, music, the arts, and Costa Rican history, culture and traditions.

Food Security: A greenhouse, nursery and organic gardens are built and fully operational with 100s of varieties of organic fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, medicinals, teas, which are planted and growing throughout the community; including mangos, oranges, papayas, bananas, plantains, cashews, almonds and much more.

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In addition, fresh organic eggs and chicken meat are available, and an extensive aquaculture system with Tilapia and fresh water clams and shrimp is fully operational. The center pavilion will have community food processing and storage facilities.

Water Security: A potable water well with two large water storage tanks is in place to supply drinking water to the home sites. The community is blessed to have multiple year-round fresh water streams and to border the Machuca River which has many waterfalls and swimming holes. In addition, an ecological storm-water management pond system is in place, and home designs are planned with rainwater collection for dry-season irrigation.

Energy Security: Homes will be built with solar power systems and propane for cooking. The developer is also exploring the possibility of a small hydroelectric plant.

The 42 residential lots average 2,000M2 (1/2 acre) in size and there is also a titled and permitted two acre eco-hotel lot.

Lot prices range from US$80,000 – $130,000

This is an excellent opportunity to retire to a sustainable paradise where residents will experience the ultimate freedom of living off-the-grid.

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