The sun can be brutal living in the tropics.

It’s the same anywhere on earth where you’re skin’s exposed to the sun. But in Costa Rica… and Florida, you can feel your skin burning.

Ingrid lives in the heart of the tropics: Uvita, Costa Rica. After 12 amazing years in Dominical, Lynda just relocated to Delray Beach Florida with her husband and daughter.

In both places the sun and sand go hand in hand.

They both have active daughters that surf and families that enjoy outdoor lifestyles. They spend hours surfing, paddle boarding, golfing, riding horses and playing in their pools. So, sun protection is a high priority.

Down in Costa Ballena they searched everywhere for quality sun protection products. What they found were products with hormone-disrupting chemicals. Most migrated into their eyes. They were ineffective…or clogged their pores causing breakouts.

Eventually they found a product made in country that “worked” but did not disclose its ingredients. After using the product for consecutive days their pores clogged and skin became irritated.

It was time to put their mission into overdrive…

Ingrid is a successful aesthetician. Lynda’s a nutcase about what goes into or onto her body. Being great friends, the two made the decision to create their own sunscreen.

They began gathering ingredients they liked. Lynda then spent months in her kitchen testing batch after batch with friends and family. Eventually she found a formula that worked… and everyone loved.

Being locals for years, they gave lots of it away to the local surfers. Ingrid began selling the Jungle Mama Facestick in her spa — Mia Bella.

Feedback was instant… and positive. But they new it had to be better. So Lynda went back to the kitchen. She improved the formula. They retested the product in Dominical and Uvita until they achieved perfection.

Inspiring testimonials came rushing in. Photos from surfers, outdoor enthusiasts and locals hit Jungle Mama’s social media.

After four months of testing and positive feedback they knew they had something special…

Just like it’s name – Jungle Mama Naturals.

Today their product line consists of handcrafted and chemical-free Facestick, a “Shorty” (perfect to slip into board shorts), Wild Orange & Peppermint Lip Balm and amazing Coffee/Sea Salt Body Scrubs.

Due to a growing amount of repeat customers The Mama’s are expanding. There’s sustainable demand for handcrafted, chemical-free, organic and non-toxic skin care products.

This demand found its way to retailers, spa’s, and tour operators throughout the southern pacific region. You can find Jungle Mama products from Pavones to Jaco. And with the addition of a new sales representative, it will be available in Guanacaste this coming high season.

Now that Lynda resides in Florida the expansion continues.

Lots of customers in Costa Rica returned to their homes and asked how to get their products. Of course you can visit their website, but to their pleasure, a handful of customers asked to help promote and sell it.

It’s just starting, but Jungle Mama products are showing up in stores in Delray Beach, Tucson, Boston, Vermont and Newport Beach California.

Growth is inevitable. But what’s more important to the Jungle Mamas is its roots.

At the core of their partnership is a deep desire to give back and support the local communities where it began.

They’re currently helping a group educate local girls learn how to honor their beaches and learn to surf in Dominical. It helps them raise awareness to protect our oceans. They support a group in planting trees and one that helps in breast cancer awareness for women.

Skin cancer is the #1 form of cancer in the world. More people get it than breast, prostate, liver or lung cancer.

Jungle Mama is committed to not only protecting the skin of millions of people… but to do so without the use of toxins or chemicals. The harmful affects of chemicals are well documented… and consumers are demanding better choices.

The timing for Jungle Mama was perfect.

Lynda and Ingrid make a perfect partnership. Their mission is to protect you and your family using the finest ingredients available.

Protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging rays is serious business. Jungle Mama Naturals will help to protect yours: always natural… always chemical-free.

Here’s How To Connect With Jungle Mama Naturals.

  • To find out more or to place an order, please visit their website here.
  • In Costa Rica call Ingrid at 506-8558-6841.
  • In the United States call Lynda at 561-635-1735.

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