Jaco Real Estate. Infrastructure continues to improve with new upscale supermarket.

While the last few years have seen unprecedented growth in the real estate market in the Jaco area, real estate is not the only thing that has brought about more choices in the past few years.

With the upscale AutoMercado grocery store now open at the new Plaza Herradura shopping center, people have a wide variety of brand name products that were not available just a few short years ago.

The AutoMercado grocery store boasts expansive produce, deli, and meat departments, and a wide variety of wines and liquors. The Plaza Herradura center has stores and restaurants you would have only found in an area such as Escazu just one year ago.

There are a variety of restaurants and shops in the Herradura center, including Spoon, Inka Grill, Shintaro Sushi Lounge, and Long Champs Restaurant and Bar.

The center also includes a newly opened Radio Shack, Opticas Vision, Habitat Furniture, as well as a pharmacy, home design center and marine shop. The current businesses occupy less than half of the centers available space, so an even wider variety of businesses and services will soon be represented.

Within the last 12 months a new Maxi Bodega super market (now part of WalMart) has opened in Jaco, as well as a new Mega Super grocery store. The Mas X Menos in Jaco doubled their size in a remodelling that was recently completed.

With thousands of new luxury condos in Jaco, hotel rooms and homes currently under construction or in the planning stages, the new stores are a welcomed and needed addition when it comes to choices and products available in the area.

There are those that will argue this is destroying what they came to Costa Rica to experience. Others argue that it is creating the Wal-Mart syndrome of putting the small mom and pop stores out of business and ruining the local economy.

The amount of jobs created by these expansive new markets and shopping centers dispel the argument that they are ruining the local economy. The debate continues though whether or not they are taking business away from the small local markets.

Jaco infrastructure continues to improve….

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