Construction on the San Jose to Jaco highway continues at a rapid pace, further reducing the time until this important corridor is open, cutting the drive-time from Costa Rica’s largest metropolitan area to its closest beach town in half.

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This project has been on the collective mind of those investing in Costa Rica since its inception, as it will increase access to Jaco’s beaches, not only for tourists, but also for the largest population center in the country. It cannot be emphasized enough that this quicker, easier access is expected to increase interest in the area, and boost real estate values significantly.

The time draws near when this Jaco Luxury Condo Hotel & Resort (part of the Sonesta Resort family) will open it’s doors to an expectant public. We are pushing to open soon, the date to be announced pending the approval of the Sonesta Corporation.

What Does This Mean To You?

A condo hotel property in Costa Rica is a stress-free way in which you can own your own luxury home and receive more consistent rental income when you are not using it.

Although a condo hotel operator will rarely guarantee occupancy rates, the more professional and established the condo hotel operator is, the better chance you have of a higher occupancy rate and making money.

Sonesta is one of the most established and reputable condo hotel operators that you can find anywhere in the world and many unit owners have already taken delivery of their units, and the common areas are nearing their completion dates, bringing the Grand Opening closer to a reality with each passing workday.

Buildings J4, J5, and J6 are complete. The elevators, cable, WIFI, telephones, air conditioning, electricity, and water are installed and functioning. Most of the units have been furnished and many of the owners have visited, inspected, and closed on their units.

The heavy construction in buildings J1, J2, and J3 is finished, and the exteriors of these buildings are nearly complete. The workers have been refocused on installing flooring, finishing the inside of the condominiums, and setting up the furnishings and appliances.

The sensational pool complex has been filled and operational for several months now, and the lazy-river is up and running with it’s complicated system of jets and pumps installed, and currently being tested and adjusted. The most exciting pool complex of it’s kind in the country, it’s truly a sight to behold.

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Construction of the restaurant has been proceeding quickly during the past month. The roof, walls and subfloor of the restaurant are complete, and we are awaiting the remaining shipments of the flooring and furniture to finish it off.

Once the final touches are applied to the physical structure, training of the restaurant staff will begin. Approximately two weeks later, the restaurant will open for business, providing breakfast buffets, relaxing lunches, and spectacular dinners to our owners and guests.

Breakfast will be available either buffet style or a la carte, and the lunches and dinners in a location-centric fusion style utilizing local foods in clever combination with the more familiar tastes of home.

Sonesta has a tradition of serving only the best foods, creatively prepared and served in a friendly and stimulating environment, and the meals served at the Sonesta Jaco Resort will follow this winning recipe. The restaurant is the round-roofed building in the photo below:

A great effort is being applied to finishing the lobby and entry areas, and they are beginning to take shape rapidly. The lobby floor and wall coverings are to be applied soon, the entryway tiled, the reception desk installed, gymnasium built and outfitted, and the retail spaces are on their way.

When completed the beach club will have a pool, locker rooms, a restaurant, a bar, and a dance floor, as well as tanning and lounging areas. These features will allow for entertainment, relaxation and fun for the entire family, from dawn to well into the evening.

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A shuttle will provide care-free transportation to and from the resort proper every 20 minutes, preventing parking hassles and keeping sand out of your personal vehicle. More information to come on this important feature.

With the new highway completion approaching, the the real estate market in Jaco is about to see some spectacular action! Imagine spending just 45 minutes from airport to beach…

Come see for yourself the completed luxury condominiums, sparkling pools, and spectacular views available at this Jaco Luxury Condo Hotel & Resort, and get a piece of the action for yourself. The time is now to invest in the one resort that has it all!

Jaco Luxury Condo Hotel & Resort – Condo prices range from US$310,000 up to the spectacular penthouse at US$570,000

To arrange to visit this new Jaco luxury resort, please contact our representative by inserting your email address and answer the three little questions in the form below:

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