The move to Costa Rica went like clockwork. The best part was that America West in San Francisco forgot to charge me for my extra luggage – seven pieces extra!

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Each of them overweight and oversize. Just a little $450 mistake on their part. I didn’t mention it, of course, and they probably still haven’t realized it. All the luggage arrived none the worse for the journey.

I treated myself to a $150 upgrade to first class for the flight down. Hey, how often does one retire to paradise?

My friend David Calderon was waiting at the airport and took me to Apartotel Roma in Heredia, where I stayed during my first month in Costa Rica. I had cable internet access there, which after a struggle I figured out how to make work with my new laptop computer.

My first morning in Costa Rica, I enrolled at Intercultura Spanish language school. A nice woman tested me to determine at what level I should begin. She then introduced me around the school and to the teachers. I heard her tell them I was “cute,” whatever that was supposed to mean – as “cute” as her abuelo (grandfather), I wondered.

I then went grocery shopping in Costa Rica for the first time, and I was able to find about one-third of the things on my list. That, ladies and gentlemen, was a success!

The next day, I picked up my mail. My Internet-based bank had sent me a back-up debit card. If some ATM machine somewhere decides to eat my current card for any reason, I still have a way to access my fortune.

An afternoon shower began (it was the rainy season), which meant it was time for a nap.

Pura vida!

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