What if there existed a ‘wonder tree’ right here in Costa Rica, which could help treat numerous diseases and also put some serious money in your pocket?

In a few moments from now, you will know exactly if and how this is possible and all of the other benefits this wonder tree can offer you.

So what am I talking about? What is this wonder tree and which benefits does it provide?

Moringa originally comes from India, it can grow really quickly and was already is use 5,000 years ago in traditional Ayurvedic treatments. It is supposed to heal more than 300 different illnesses and can grow up to 30 centimeters per month and reach a height up to 4 meters within just a year.

And the best part? Every part of the tree can be used.

The roots were used as horseradish substitute during colonial times in India and its’ fruits are like beans and are used in different curry meals.

The beans and especially the leaves have a high quantity of different proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The seeds can be used to make vegetable oil, which can be used for nutrition, lubricating oil, and as basis for ointment, soap, and cosmetics.

A really special property of this tree is that the seeds in the form of powder can be used to clean dirty drinking water. The powder absorbs suspended sediment and bacteria in the water and sinks to the ground. What is left is clean drinking water.

As you might already be thinking, the real power is in the leaves which is where you find a lot of valuable nutrients.

They have a very high dose of different amino acids (18 of the 20 well-known essential amino acids can be found in the leaves). These amino acids can’t be produced by the human body on its own and are an important element for carrying oxygen, the capacity to focus and different important brain functions.

It also has a very high level of antioxidants. And then it also has this great substance, which is called zeatin. Surprisingly Moringa Oleifera contains up to 1,000 times more zeatin than other plants. Zeatin is a growth hormone, so by now you should know why this tree grows so fast.

Let me give you a short overview of the 10 most important ingredients and their functions in Moringa Oleifera:

  • Essential amino acids: protect against free radicals
  • Vitamin A: important for the eyesight
  • Vitamin C: strengthens the immune system
  • Calcium: important for healthy teeth and bones
  • Magnesium: helps blood circulation
  • Potassium: provides for a smooth metabolism
  • Iron: Important for cell oxygenation
  • Zinc: anti-inflammatory for the body
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: essential for proper brain functioning
  • Zeatin: Important messenger substance, which carries all substances to the place where they should have an effect

The leaves are very versatile and can be consumed raw, cooked or as tea. In western countries, leaves are processed as powder. Drying the leaves makes them more durable, without losing their effect.

Nevertheless, you have to be careful which drying process has been used for the powder you buy. Most producers (especially here in Costa Rica) use sun drying as an economic method, which unfortunately destroys a lot of the valuable nutrients and properties.

The organic Moringa Oleifera plantation I will present to you soon, doesn’t use this method because of this often ignored problem. That’s why our leaves are dried in a special oven.

Who is Moringa powder best suited for?

Generally for anyone who wants to cover his/her daily need for important vitamins, minerals, and trace elements without using synthetic supplements.

In Ayurvedic medicine, moringa powder has been used for a long time for malnutrition, anemia, headaches, unsteady blood pressure, infections, diarrhea, and fever. But there are groups of people who are especially suited for the consumption of Moringa Oleifera.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers:

Consuming moringa powder or leaves during pregnancy can help the healthy growth of the infant and increase the milk production of the breastfeeding mother. The infant gets several important vitamins and minerals in this way. Especially the amino acids arginine and histidine do help, which can’t be produced in sufficient amount by the infant’s body.


Moringa powder helps children’s growth, since it contains important nutrients and growth components. These components have a positive effect on children’s brain and nerves. In addition, the high quantity of vitamin C helps the immune system.


Competitive athletes or people who have a high performance pressure, especially need a good nitrification and have a high need for vital substances. Moringa compensates for this need with its high percentage of iron and vitamin A and C. It also provides the body with enough oxygen and therefore stabilizes the metabolism. Additionally the plenty of amino acids and calcium can help muscle growth.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens can also benefit from the consumption of moringa powder, as it can help them stay fit and vital even at a higher age. A lot of afflictions of old age can be prevented with the right nutrition. Moringa leaves provide exactly that and help you stay well nurtured at a higher age.


Vegetarians and especially vegans do very often have some deficiency symptoms. You might also ask yourself sometimes how they compensate their needs for protein, calcium, and iron but at the same time avoid animal products. The ingredients of moringa leaves can balance this out. They contain more protein than eggs or yogurt, more iron than spinach and have more calcium than milk.

From difficult forestry projects to certified organic moringa production (a Bavarian and Costa Rican story)

Before we show you how this wonder tree can also put real money in your pocket, let me tell you the story of Thomas Ringshandl a German from Bavaria (where Oktoberfest originates from).

Thomas has been involved in forestry and agricultural projects in Costa Rica for six years now, especially in teak plantation management services for an international investment fund. He began without many Spanish skills, but a successful partnership with a local from the countryside.

This local man, Javier, could have been from North America or Germany in terms of reliability and honesty. He also had more than a decade of experience in agriculture, forestry, and overseer of agricultural workers.

In this teak management business, Thomas had to deal with every type of obstacle you can imagine: corrupt forestry engineers, people who didn’t understand how much work it is to maintain a high-quality standard teak plantation in order to sell the wood after 20 years at international top prices and gain an acceptable yield for investors.

And then there was this plenty of negative press about different sleazy teak investment companies doing Ponzi schemes, who only ripped off their investors. Even with the best work on-site and the best high-quality plantation management, it would be impossible against this negative press to shine as an exception to these false teak investments.

He wasn’t very happy with this situation. He knew that for that kind of investment, investors needed a lot of trust to wait 20 years for a return on their investment (harvest) but then his situation changed completely during an international flight from Germany to Costa Rica, when he met a man from Italy, who told him about Moringa Oleifera.

“What on earth is Moringa?” Was his first question.

When he heard about the same benefits, you have already read above and how fast and how often this tree can be harvested, he knew what to do next. He always wanted to combine his own agricultural project with a profitable agricultural investment. The fast growth and fast harvest in the first year made it perfect for involving other investors.

Since then almost 2 years have passed and the first two organic moringa plantations have been seeded and harvested, sold to German and Costa Rican buyers and several further high quality moringa lots for investors are waiting to be seeded.

If you are a Costa Rica lover like Thomas, which you probably are, you might already know that property taxes down here are almost nothing compared to property taxes in most parts of the U.S.

But what if you could earn a steady 5% of your invested money per year for 10 years and longer and get steady access to the organic certified wonder tree Moringa Oleifera?

It’s a surprisingly simple opportunity, a real alternative option for your private retirement, and a protection against the risky “retirement gamble” back home. It is an option that makes you optimistic and relaxed when thinking about your future.

This option sounds very simple, but the gold is in the details.

It is one of the mentioned Moringa Oleifera lots in Guanacaste (Hojancha, Costa Rica) waiting to be seeded with a guaranteed rental agreement for 10 years included between you and Thomas Ringshandl. When you buy the lot, he becomes the tenant of your land and will cultivate certified organic moringa on a part of it.

The powder is sold locally and internationally to Europe and in the near future also to the U.S.

In the first year, you will earn a 4.5% yield on your investment amount as rental income and 5% in the following 9 years.

So you wouldn’t be part of the moringa production business, but only the landlord for Thomas’ moringa venture.

Sure, if you also would like to be part of the moringa production business as an investor, Thomas is open to that too.

Additionally, you will have appreciation of the land value at least at the depreciation rate of the dollar.

The market potential is outstanding, since the moringa demand in Costa Rica and Germany is far higher than the production can provide at this point.

But that’s not all…

Since only a certain area of the land will be used for organic moringa cultivation, you are still able to build your own comfortable home on the land. And when from time to time you visit your home country, you can get some additional rental income from vacation rentals.

There is even that much space left over that you might grow your own vegetables and fruits. Optionally, you can decide to put Thomas’ company in charge to cultivate your garden or you do it all on your own.

You might ask yourself about building on agricultural land in Costa Rica, which is possible with some restrictions (e.g., you can’t build several houses at a high density or skyscrapers).

From your new titled land and your new home, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful nature, the surrounding mountains, and stunning sunsets of Guanacaste. Depending on the amount you might invest, you can use this to begin your process of getting permanent residency in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has one of the most stable democracies in Central America, the happiest people in the world, and the most 100 year olds in Latin America.

Depending on your nationality you might even qualify for certain tax deductions when investing abroad (consult with your CPA) and living a certain time of the year outside the U.S.

This means you might save some serious money, which increases your retirement savings.

Thomas Ringshandl selected the land very carefully since he had to be sure that it was able to produce organic moringa oleifera at high German quality standards.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much land in Costa Rica that qualifies 100% for organic farming.

So the land area is limited and the lots you can buy are not just a bunch of the average lots you can find in Guanacaste or elsewhere in Costa Rica.

Besides a lot of further mandatory criteria for the strict organic certification from Germany, the soil mustn’t be treated with pesticides for several years.

This has to be proofed with soil lab tests and confirmed by neighbors.

The certification process alone took Thomas one year.

Since on one hand there is a very strong demand for organic moringa in Costa Rica and Europe while on the other hand not enough qualifying land to produce enough Moringa Oleifera, you can imagine that this investment option is not going to be available for a very long time.

13 reasons why you should give your own organic moringa lot a chance:

  1. 4.5% rental income on your investment amount in the first year and the following years 5% each (10 years total with the option of another 10 year extension).
  2. Appreciation of the land at least at depreciation rate.
  3. A real alternative to your private retirement plans and a protection from weak “retirement ponzi schemes.”
  4. Grow your own vegetables and fruits in your garden with or without the help of the moringa oleifera company.
  5. Build your own home and get the option to receive rental income with vacation rentals.
  6. Enjoy the impressive nature, mountains, and impressive sunsets of Guanacaste.
  7. Have a second option outside the U.S.
  8. Get into a residency program with your investment.
  9. No terror risks and no military in Costa Rica.
  10. Most stable democracy in Central America.
  11. Possibly several tax advantages for your real estate investment abroad.

If you would like to visit the already producing moringa plantation and the moringa lots in hojancha, please contact Mr. XYZ (here comes the name of Scott’s trusted realtor in the area) so you can organize a visit with one of his trusted realtors on-site.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What happens, when moringa demand decreases? Thomas Ringhandl not only sells moringa to Europe he also sells locally in Costa Rica and soon to the United States.

    So even though this is no guarantee to compensate for a decrease in demand, it is very unlikely that the demand decreases all at once in all these countries.

    Should this very unlikely situation occur, still other crops can be grown and sold. Everything will be done to comply in the future with the rental agreement with you.

    Besides currently there is much higher demand of organic moringa oleifera than can be produced since Thomas’ plantations are the only ones in Costa Rica at this level of organic quality and certification.

  2. Am I protected against the business risk of moringa? Yes, since you are not going to participate in this venture. Only a rental agreement for 10 years will be signed between you and Thomas Ringshandl.

    Of course, should you want to be directly involved in the business as a business investor, then you would also be participating in the risk.

  3. Is this titled land? Yes, it is titled land with “uso agricola.” All plans are up to date and registered in the “Registro Nacional de Costa Rica” (Property Title Register)

    Foreigners have the same property rights as locals (it’s not like in Thailand, where you have to marry a local to get a share of a property).

  4. Is it possible to register the property first under my name and pay afterwards or is it also possible to purchase through escrow? If you don’t want to or can’t purchase a moringa lot at once, usually a certain earnest money payment is expected.

    This is usually done with an option to purchase contract and should be combined with an escrow company of your choice.

    The duration of the option to purchase is usually between one and three months. During this period the owner can’t sell to anyone else and for a certain period of time you as the potential buyer can get a refund of the earnest money (usually during due diligence period of 2-4 weeks).

  5. Are you sure you can build on agricultural land? Yes, you can build on agricultural land with certain restrictions. You can’t build buildings with several stories (e.g. skyscrapers, etc.) and you can’t segregate down to very small building lots increasing the density.
  6. Why is Thomas not just using the lots to grow more Moringa Oleifera? The core business of Thomas Ringshandl is not real estate development, but Organic moringa oleifera production in Costa Rica for local sales and international exportation.

The lots were a good investment opportunity at their time (several years ago), but in order to increase cash flow and further growth of the moringa oleifera production and the company, the sound and economically better way for him is to sell the lots one by one and rent them back for Moringa Oleifera production from you.

If you would like to visit the already producing moringa plantation and the moringa lots in Hojancha or request more detailed information, please contact Tobias Schnellbaecher using the simple form below:

Invest in Costa Rica Land and Earn Income From A 5,000 Year Old ‘Wonder Tree’. Lots from $55,000 – $106,000

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