Spotted this strange creature on the wall outside our building. It’s very much alive and I wondered if you could identify it…

Identify This Crazy Costa Rica Critter and Win The Costa Rica Living & Retirement Secrets To Happiness DVDs

We sold thousands of these DVDs at US$19.95 but today I unfortunately only have four left… And the first VIP Member who correctly identifies this crazy Costa Rica critter will win the two DVD set.

You’ll see no actors on these two DVDs, no Hollywood special effects however, during nearly two hours of video you will find fourteen revealing and honest interviews with people living their dream in Costa Rica and perhaps answering the important questions for you that you have about living in Costa Rica.

Different people have different concerns so you will hear comments and opinions from a variety of people, some of whom were more concerned about health care than others and some who felt that the cost of living was the most important thing.

These fourteen VIP Members of analyzed all the facts before moving to Costa Rica, they have made the same decision that you are perhaps considering right now… They are men and women, young and not so young, married and single, with and without children, some working and others are retired.

Starting a new life in Costa Rica is a big decision and it may involve a substantial investment if you’re thinking about buying a home here so you’ll be pleased to know that our two Costa Rica Living & Retirement – Secrets To Happiness DVDs are priced at only US$19.95 including shipping which is a small investment for information that could help save you so much time, money and help you to avoid some serious headaches.

Here’s what you get on your two Secrets To Happiness DVDs

    1. Sally O’Boyle is an American woman living in Escazu near San José. Originally from Kentucky but most recently living in Key West, Florida. Sally is delighted she’s saving more than $2,000 per month just in property taxes and home insurance.
    2. David Murray is originally from Lansing, Michigan and both he and his wife used to work for the State of Michigan and are now retired in Grecia.
    3. John & Sheelagh Richards are a British couple now retired in San Isidro de General. John and Sheelagh came to Costa Rica in 2006 after “working very hard for many years.”
    4. Martin Gill and his wife are Americans living in Manuel Antonio on the Central Pacific coast. Martin came to Costa Rica right after college and is working in real estate.
    5. Becky Clower is an American living with her husband and their baby son in Playa Conchal in Guanacaste. Becky is originally from Buffalo, NY although most recently was working as a Realtor in Florida, she is now a Realtor focusing on Playa Conchal real estate.
    6. Steve Riley and his wife are Americans living in the Orosi Valley area. Steve is originally from Houston, Texas and worked in the oil and gas industry. He purchased their first Costa Rica farm (with their credit card) in 1994 and although they came to retire it hasn’t quite worked out like that…
    7. Eric Liljenstolpe Eric is originally from San Jose, California now living in San Jose, Costa Rica and he has helped thousands of people understand the difference between cultures and especially people who are thinking about moving to Costa Rica…
    8. Hal O’Boyle is an American living in Escazu with his wife and two teenage boys. They came to Costa Rica looking for an “international adventure,” they are not retired and are developing an Internet business.
    9. Esther Purcell retired to Costa Rica with her husband George and seems to make new friends everywhere she goes and learning to swim and dance.
    10. George Lundquist is a retired American originally from Minnesota who worked in Texas for 35 years, he is now retired living with his wife in Puriscal and although George first came to Costa Rica to retire, he’s very busy these days…
    11. Terry Mills is an American woman living in Atenas near San José. Terry is originally from St. Louis, Missouri, she worked in graphic design in the US but now helps people find real estate in the Atenas and Grecia areas.
    12. Lisle Head is a young American man living in Jaco on the Central Pacific coast with his Colombian wife. He was born and raised in Fort Bragg, California where he most recently as a mortgage broker and both Lisle and his wife work as Realtors in Jaco.
    13. Tom Rosenberger is a single American man living in San Antonio de Belen near San José. Tom is originally from Ohio and moved to Costa Rica in 1992. Tom is considered an expert in construction in Costa Rica and although he is semi-retired, he is often asked to do property inspections and regularly consults with people for new construction and renovations in the Central Valley.
    14. Marc Schweitzer is a single American man originally from New York City, USA and lives in Escazu near San José. Marc has been visiting Costa Rica from 15 years.

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