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Costa Rica Rentals Happy Customer Testimonials

  1. “Our listing of our home for rent on your website has been a great idea. The response has been great. We would highly recommend it to anyone.” Thanks Mike & Mary Peace.
  2. “Scott, Nothing beats advertising on your, “WeLoveCostaRica.com” website. We have tried different ways of advertising our apartments and nothing else even comes close to the response we have received from our ad on your site.

    The response from your readers has been outstanding. The best part is that the renters you send us have all been honest, friendly people who have become our friends. Many have returned and many more are planning to return. Advertising on your site has been by far the best advertising investment we have ever made. Thank you Scott! Your friends, Mela & Richard Korytowski.”

  3. “I think I’m going to skip this next 6 month period because the house will be rented for all of that time. But I have been averaging at least a couple responses/inquiries a week since it started (including the people who are renting it now) and will definitely put the ad back up when these people get ready to leave. Probably the best $299 I ever spent!” Jeff Hardy. Colonial Heights, VA. USA
  4. “Our experience with renting our guest house through WeLoveCostaRica has been very, very good indeed. Until the middle of this month, our guest house has been rented almost continuously since the beginning of 2007. And our guests have been consistently good folks. We consider them all to be friends.” David Murray. Originally from the USA but now happily retired in Grecia. Costa Rica.

Isn’t this what renting your home is all about?

Show your Costa Rica property to
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How To Rent Out Your Home in Costa Rica
What’s In It For Me?

  • For about US$.82 per day you can email us your article, rent your home yourself and keep the thousands of dollars that you would normally pay in real estate rental commissions!
  • WeLoveCostaRica.com is home to the #1 best selling book about Costa Rica real estate – How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa
  • Your Costa Rica home can be featured with up to six full colour photographs.
  • Your home for sale could be seen by thousands of the nearly 25,000 VIP Members of WeLoveCostaRica.com who read our newsletters.
  • WeLoveCostaRica.com probably has one of the most active (and informative) Costa Rica Discussion Forums.
  • WeLoveCostaRica.com has excellent search engine rankings and far more website traffic than Costa Rica’s largest circulation real estate magazine
  • Our email newsletter is normally delivered to nearly 25,000 people twice per week and features the most up to date information about Costa Rica real estate.

Please Note:

The VIP Members of WeLoveCostaRica.com are probably the best educated Costa Rica real estate buyers and renters out there please make sure that all the information that you give us about your Costa Rica rental property is 100% accurate!

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Please remember that most real estate buyers and renters will be coming from the USA so in arranging flights and accommodations, renting your home can take some time which is why we make it easy for you to have your home featured for 365 days.

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