My name is Michael Simons and I’m a professional Realtor here in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. I’ve been a permanent resident of Costa Rica since 2003 and I am a certified licensed Realtor with the Costa Rican Guanacaste Association of Realtors.

Video: How To Protect Your Assets Offshore in Costa Rica Real Estate

There are a lot of people with a lot more money than me. Very, very wealthy people. And if you listen to these people and you read their books and you read their blogs, they tell you the same thing.

You have to diversify. You have to get some of your money out of North America and into an investment in another country and real estate has always been one of the safest investments in the world.

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Why? Very simple. We all know that at some point, the stock market is going to take a big hit. It’s inevitable. It always does. There are also a lot of other issues that are happening in the United States right now and Canada.

You have huge taxes. The Canadian dollar obviously just fluctuated. There are a lot of concerns with what’s going on in Washington DC and many people are thinking, “I want to get some money out of my country and somewhere safe.” Costa Rica is a very, very safe place to put your money.

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It has been a safe democracy for over 200 years. Also Costa Rica has very, very strong corporate laws that protect your assets. This country set it up so that your asset cannot be taken from you in a frivolous lawsuit.

So many people realize maybe it’s divorce. Maybe it’s death. Maybe it’s a car accident in the United States or Canada. If their asset is sitting in a place like Costa Rica, it’s going to be protected.

So it’s very important that you take very seriously a percentage of your net worth and you move it into an investment property outside the United States of America. In my opinion there’s not a better place than Costa Rica.

Come on down baby!

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How To Protect Your Assets Offshore in Costa Rica Real Estate. Free video

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