The other day wife and I had the pleasure of accompanying my son on a school field trip to Guatil in Guanacaste to learn the ancient techniques of pottery making that the local Chorotega indigenous people have been using for almost four hundred years.


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After a 40 minute drive to Guatil, which is located just 10 kilometres easy of Santa Cruz, we arrived in the quaint village where the Chorotega call home. 

The family who hosted the field trip were very informative with explaining to the kids who they were, what the pottery represents and the pain staking ancient techniques they use to make their beautiful art. 

They told us how all of the materials were collected from the earth including the “barro” or mud the dig from the ground to make the clay and all the different minerals they use to make the pigments that color the elaborate designs found on the many plates, bowls, figurines, and pots. 

The minerals have to be pulverised by hand with a large mortar a pestle for over 4 hours!

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Then it was time for the kids to have a go at it.  The Chorotega were not only kind but very patient with our 30-odd 1st graders. 

The kids were so excited to get their hands on that clay!  We were all very impressed with how creative the kids were and that they naturally used the local flora and fauna to design their artwork. 

There were iguanas, frogs, toucans, leopards and fish everywhere being created by these happy little kids.   The adults even made some pottery as well.

It was a good time had by all and I strongly recommend that if you are in Guanacaste, take a few hours to drop by Guatil.  You will not regret it!

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How To Make Pottery With The Chorotega Indigenous People in Guatil, Guanacaste.


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