Many of our VIP Members would like to rent in Costa Rica first to make sure that the country is right for them before buying however, finding good quality rentals has always been tough until now because you will find some good quality short-term and long-term rentals at the bottom of this page…

Would you like to show your quality Costa Rica rental property to quality people who have the money and are actively looking to rent in Costa Rica?

If so, you won’t find another website about Costa Rica real estate that A: Has more comprehensive information about Costa Rica and B: Over 17,000 VIP Members, many of whom are looking to move to Costa Rica and many of them want to rent first.

Isn’t this what renting your property is all about? Show your Costa Rica rental to enough qualified people and you will find your renters.

Customer Testimonial Received 3rd September 2009

“I think I’m going to skip this next 6 month period because the house will be rented for all of that time. But I have been averaging at least a couple responses/inquiries a week since it started (including the people who are renting it now) and will definitely put the ad back up when these people get ready to leave. Probably the best $299 I ever spent!” Jeff Hardy. Colonial Heights, VA. USA

Customer Testimonial Received 16th March 2008

“Our experience with renting our guest house through WeLoveCostaRica has been very, very good indeed. Until the middle of this month, our guest house has been rented almost continuously since the beginning of 2007. And our guests have been consistently good folks. We consider them all to be friends.” David Murray. Originally from the USA but now happily retired in Grecia. Costa Rica.

Below you will find a screenshot of my Gmail account showing some of the the emails recently received by one of our VIP Members who has the following article published on Costa Rica Rental Apartments in Grecia – Only US$450 per month

What Does It Cost Me?

  • For less than 0.82 cents per day you can rent your home yourself and keep the thousands of dollars that you would normally pay in commissions!
  • is home to the #1 best selling book about Costa Rica real estate – How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa. People trust us and know that we only recommend quality properties.
  • Your Costa Rica rental can be featured with up to six full colour photographs.
  • Your rental could be seen by thousands of the 17,000 + VIP Members of
  • probably has one of the most active (and informative) Costa Rica real estate Discussion Forums.
  • has excellent search engine rankings and far more website traffic than Costa Rica’s largest circulation real estate magazine
  • Our email newsletter is normally delivered to more than 17,000 people twice per week and features the most up to date information about Costa Rica real estate.

Customer Testimonial Received March 03, 2008 at 9am

“Scott provides a great service listing a good selection of rentals in Costa Rica… I have stayed in two of the five properties on the list and have inspected the #2 listing. They all fill a different need. The two properties I rented for two months each were wonderful.

I would have never found either one of these properties on my own. Thanks Scott for providing such a great source of information about Costa Rica.” Jerry Minchey. USA

Want To Show Your Costa Rica Rental To Thousands?

Getting Started Is As Easy As 1-2-3:

  1. To start the process of listing your rental home on with your Visa or American Express card for US$299 (twelve months) please click here.
  2. If you are already in Costa Rica and wish to pay by physical or electronic deposit, please deposit US$299 for twelve months into the HSBC account of Scott Oliver – CMB 114406 Account number: 06-4-05-01984-4
  3. To pay with a US$299 cashiers cheque please include your email address on your cheque, make the US$299 cashier’s cheque payable to Scott Oliver and mail to Scott Oliver, Apartado #173-6151. Santa Ana, Costa Rica.

As soon as we receive confirmation of your payment, you will be automatically directed directed to a special page on our website where you will find all the details about ‘what information’ you should include about your Costa Rica home for sale and ‘how to’ send us that information.

To feature your rental home on with your Visa or American Express card for US$299 for twelve months please click here.

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