For years now Costa Rica has been one of the world’s premier “eco” tourism, and retirement destination spots. More people are coming here every year to experience the warm sunny climate, friendly culture, beautiful beaches, rain forests and mountains. There is an abundance of nature and wildlife, tropical waterfalls, volcanos, hot springs. Pura Vida” or “Pure Life”.

Because it is such a beautiful place that is a short airplane ride from many major US and Canadian cities, North Americans and other nationals are coming to vacation and or retire here. The country offers a higher quality of living, a friendly democratic government, excellent healthcare, fresh fruits and vegetables year round, and lower living costs in many respects than in the US, Canada and Europe.

Want to live and retire in Costa Rica? Then ask yourself where you would like to be here and what type of environment, area features and climate is important to you. There are many different places one can choose to settle into, each with their own unique climate and distinctive characteristics.

For instance, there are unspoiled and pristine mountain-beach wilderness areas, fantastic beach and wildlife preserves “further out” down in the Southern Zone. There is modern, convenient living, shopping, great healthcare and fine dining close by, in the cooler climate Central Valley.

The Caribbean Zone offers more multi-cultural Afro Caribbean, European, Indigenous, Latino, sounds, cuisine and cultural flavors and is known for being “Fun and Funky”. In Northern Guanacaste and the Nicoya peninsula you will find many beautiful beaches in a hotter, more arid climate.

One area that stands uniquely apart from all the rest is the highlands Lake Arenal region of Guanacaste. Here you will find rainforests-cloud forests, mountains, waterfalls, volcanos, hot springs and a huge 35 square mile freshwater lake in what can be described as a perfect semi tropical climate. This area is also known as the “Arenal-Tilaran Conservation Area”.

What makes this region special in Costa Rica is the fact that it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and heavy tourism and it’s rich in animals and wildlife. The flavor is rural and climate here is cooler and more comfortable. Many people move to the beaches in CR only to find that stifling hot and humid 90+ degree weather in time becomes quite unbearable. Electricity costs are high in Costa Rica and keeping a home air conditioned year-round at the beach can be an expensive proposition.

If what you are looking for is ideal weather, peace and quiet, a friendly and close knit community of expats and locals, in an area that has excellent roadways, no traffic jams and easy accessibility to and from all parts of the country, then consider the Guanacaste province side of Lake Arenal near Tilaran township.

If you love the great outdoors, there are endless possibilities here like hiking around the volcanoes, natural hot springs, mountain biking and horseback riding. There is rock climbing, whitewater rafting, world-class windsurfing, kiteboarding, fishing, and paddle boarding in the lake itself. The international airport in Liberia is only 75 minutes away and you can reach the capital of San Jose within 3 hours. Many of the country’s best beaches like Coco, Hermosa, Conchal, Flamingo, Papagayo are all within 2 hours.

Real estate values are super here near Tilaran too. Because the area is not heavily populated and it’s more of a residential farm area as opposed to a heavy traffic tourism and economic growth area of the country, it’s more laid back and quieter here. Your dollar buys you more! Nice houses in friendly quiet neighborhoods like San Luis where there is a beautiful little lake port and catamaran tour boat go for as little as US$40,000.

You can find a nice 3BR/3BA home on just under ½ an acre with a beautiful view of the lake for US$149,000.

… or a new 3 BR 2BA home on ¼ acre with a lake view for US$149,000,

And new 1000sf 2BR/2BA homes in a lake view-volcano view gated community here named Los Suenos de Arenal start at US$119,000 on a 1/8th acre lot.

Many other building lots in beautiful, safe, and scenic areas to choose from too like ¼ acre lots for instance from US$24,000.

So, if you are looking for an alternative to higher priced beach properties in hotter climates, or if you want to get away from heavy tourism areas, or traffic, hustle and bustle, and if you would like to live in a friendlier more laid back area of the country with great infrastructure and services, consider the Lake Arenal Guanacaste Province alternative near Tilaran.

It could be the perfect place for you!

How To Decide Where To Live in Costa Rica? And why you should consider Lake Arenal instead of the popular and touristy beach areas.

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