This is one of the 2 hotels in downtown Quepos and with the marina; it will be in high demand. It is a few hundred yards from the marina site. The hotel has 14 rooms, a bar, and swimming pool. The opportunities are unlimited with this property.

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Hotel For Sale in Quepos, Costa Rica Video


The main reception area is much underutilized and has great potential for a small commercial space. In the back part of the reception area is a full laundry service area as well as storage and lockers for all the employees.

The front of the hotel faces and is on a main street heading toward the water.

The hotel is 2 stories at this moment but has permits available for 2 more stories which will have tremendous views of the ocean and the new Marina. The property consists of 2 titled pieces totaling 437 M2. You won’t find many hotels in the area this close to the Marina for sale.

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Hotel For Sale in Quepos Marina District, Costa Rica. Reduced to US$795K


Article/Property ID Number 3933

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