Zirconia implants do not interfere with the movement of energy though the body’s meridians. And since zirconia implants are bioinert, they’re a perfect tooth replacement solution for patients who adhere to holistic health principles.

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First lets establish some facts about “non-metal” implants made from zirconia.

Zirconia implants are not porcelain but a crystaline form of a metal zirconia that “acts” like a ceramic. They are marketed as a ceramic.

In 2011 implants made from zirconia was accepted by the FDA to be used in U.S. dental clinics. The main advantage of a one-piece zirconia implant is that it has no prosthetic connections, where bacteria can grow, and therefore have better gum health.

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Another big advantage is that the implant is 100% white. This means that no metal will ever be visible when smiling or communicating with other people.

Zirconia is biocompatible material that is resistant to chemical corrosion, nor will it conduct electricity or heat. As a bioinert material, it will never trigger chemical reactions, migrate to other sites in the body or interfere with the maintenance of optimal oral health.

Holistic proponents believe that Ceramics, due to its inert, non-corrosive and nonallergic properties, is actually many times more beneficial to the patient than any other dental material.
Now, lets take a moment to review titanium or metal implants.

It must be stated in all candour that Titanium allergy is barely recognized in mainstream medicine — yet laboratories using the MELISA® technology have reported that about 4% of all patients tested to titanium will be allergic to it.  These can range from simple skin rashes to muscle pain and fatigue.

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Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is widely used in consumer products, as it is non-toxic Titanium, for better or worse, is prolific in our everyday life. From foodstuff to medicine and candy, such as Skittles and M&M, have titanium dioxide in their coating.

Some of us regularly apply titanium when we brush out teeth as toothpaste contains titanium particles. Hospitals use titanium implants to rebuild bones after accidents because of its high compatibility in osseo-integration and restoring bone density and health.

Here are some comparisons between Titanium and Zirconia dental applications.

(Note to Reader: Dr. Mario DOES NOT use metal fillings.)

The best material for implants and crowns vary but titanium is the single best tested material and is the international dental industry standard for over 50 years. Titanium implants have a stronger basis in the scientific literature as well as in practice and should be considered first. But as you can see the zirconia or ceramic products offer an enhanced aesthetic.

Over the past decades, more ceramic components have been incorporated into dentistry due to their clinically proven strength and aesthetic benefits. Not only is there a trend to include all-ceramic crowns and implant abutments in treatment plans, but the implant itself is now available in a one-piece design made from biocompatible zirconia. Ceramic materials used in dentistry tend to be 25%-40% higher in cost.

So, for those of you who care to know if you are part of the 4% allergic to metal implants there is a test called the Clifford Test that is a blood test that will tell you which materials are not well suited for your immune system.

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