Are you or your loved one thinking about getting a new hip or knee? Well you´re not alone. It seems as if joint replacements are on the rise and younger people are also joining the crowd.

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Younger people from the baby boom generation seem to elect to have joint replacements because they simply are not willing to change their ways and be sedentary just because of the pain their joint is causing them.

These baby boomers have joints that are beat up and damaged, and they want joints that will allow them to continue to do the things they love, so they opt for joint replacement so they don´t have to be out of the game for too long.

There obviously is more of a demand for knee replacements because we´re honestly harder on our knees. From our jobs to the extracurricular activities we enjoy, all of that will place extra demands on our knees.

Although, joint replacement surgery is the last resort at correcting our problems and relieving our pain, when it is completed it is highly effective at alleviating any pain and restoring the function of the affected joint(s).

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The medical world is ever-changing leading to great advances and less invasive procedures. Over the last 20 years, joint replacement has been both refined and improved in order to provide for better outcomes and quicker recovery times for patients.

Assuming there are no breakthrough preventive measures for the conditions that lead to total knee replacements, the number of knee replacements will continue to rise because of how effective they are getting people back on their feet doing what they love quickly and without great risks and complications.

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With newly developed techniques over the last 20 years, surgeons are able to continually provide patients with safe and effective knee and hip replacements, with the process also getting less invasive too.

In addition, the artificial parts that are being used in joint replacements continue to be manufactured with more durable parts to last longer before the individual would even need to consider a revision.

Plus, today there are newer resurfacing procedures and parts that are used during surgery that work to preserve more of the patient’s own bone, which makes it possible for total joint replacements to be done with less difficulty in the future if needed. Also, the more natural bone that is left, the more natural your joint will function.

Currently, joint replacements can last 20 years or more and have become a more appealing option to those who are younger in age with persistent pain that cannot be relieved in any other way.

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Overall, joint replacements should never be rushed into. More less invasive and non-pharmacological interventions should be carried out first and given ample time to work before the next steps are taken.

Each patient and their situations are different and will require treatment plans tailored to fit their needs in order to have the best success.

Do not ignore your pain; seek out professional medical opinions because a joint replacement surgery may be recommended for you and could be the answer to greatly increase your quality of life.

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