The sun is shining, the nights are cool and clear, and foreigners are returning to Costa Rica. It is officially high season.

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Last January, Costa Rica was dealing with the fallout from the global financial crisis which severely limited the travels and real estate purchases by foreigners. Although the global economy is still uncertain, the enthusiasm of foreign real estate buyers has returned to Costa Rica.

Perhaps it is due to record cold and snow in many parts of North America. Or maybe it is due to the political and economic frustration in the United States (and elsewhere). Or it could be the unmatched appeal of Costa Rica.

Whatever the primary motivation may be, they’re coming to Costa Rica in far greater numbers than last year.

Texans and Floridians, who usually come to Costa Rica to avoid the summer heat, are now also motivated by the cold winter they’re having this year. More visitors from all political spectrums in the U.S. are claiming to be escaping to the tranquility of Costa Rica from the challenges facing America.

All while Costa Rica continues to win independent accolades as one of the happiest and healthiest countries in the world in terms of politics, economics, health care and culture.

In our area of Atenas, this high season is blessing us with the opening of the long-awaited San Jose/Caldera highway connecting San Jose to the central Pacific beaches.

It was reported last week that Costa Rica President Oscar Arias traveled the entire section of the highway, and he was thrilled to confirm that it took him only 45 minutes to reach the coast from San Jose, the grand opening of the highway was at the end of January 2010, months ahead of schedule.

Sellers in Atenas are recognizing that the new highway and the increased high-season traffic are offering them a chance to showcase their homes. While many have hunkered down with their asking prices based on this good news, some have lowered their prices to be more visible and attractive to buyers.

Many of the homes that have been lowered seemed like solid deals even before they reduced their prices. Now these homes appear be spectacular values in this market.

Several homes have already sold this young year in Atenas, eclipsing the sales from a quiet 2009. Because of a big slowdown in spec’ home starts in 2009, inventory of quality homes in all price ranges is becoming more and more limited.

It appears that this high season may indeed tip the balance of inventory where spec’ home building must ramp up to keep pace with the demand for finished homes. And there is already a noticeable increase in clients pursuing lots to build their own custom homes.

High season in Atenas offers beautiful weather with sunny clear days allowing for incredible distant views, and crisp cool nights perfect for stargazing.

The opening of the new highway, nearly forty years in the making, is bringing fast and easy access to popular Pacific beaches and premium city services. The town is bustling with foreigners enchanted by the small town tranquility and wonderful local people.

It is high times to be in Atenas. We welcome you to visit us.

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