Health Care Prison in the United States. Freedom found living in Costa Rica

Do you ever feel like a prisoner to your job because of the rising health care costs? We did when we lived and worked in the United States. That was until dreams of a simpler life brought us to Costa Rica.

My wife and I were thoroughly caught up in the rat-race in the United States. Both of us had solid careers and a young family to support. I built a profitable real estate investment and development company outside of my day job.

We saw many years where my real estate investment company made more than what I made at my day job. The plan was to quit my day job and invest all of my time into real estate development. However, my job paid US$14,000 a year for health insurance for my family. At the time, stable insurance seemed more important than my actual salary.

Then, when the real estate market showed signs of slowing and the down-cycle indicators were blinking red, I knew that I could not sustain the same level of income for too much longer.

Then came the idea — let’s move to a less expensive country with a hot real estate market and quality health care. All of our research led us to Costa Rica.

The benefits of living in Costa Rica were unrivaled:

  1. Political stability
  2. Economic stability
  3. Perfect climate
  4. Lower cost of living
  5. Peaceful people
  6. Quality health care
  7. Modern infrastructure
  8. Stunning beauty
  9. Proximity to the United States
  10. Affordable real estate and
  11. Business opportunities.

Costa Rica had it all

Before our decision, my wife, a Registered Nurse, was only working 12 hours a week because she was also home schooling our two boys (8 & 3 years old). She wanted another child, however it did not seem responsible given the prison bars of the rat race and a sinking real estate market.

With the thought of having another baby, the quality and low cost of health services was a major reason we chose to move to Costa Rica.

We have been in Costa Rica for 6 months and I am proud to report that my wife is 16 weeks pregnant. Our experience with medical services in Costa Rica so far has been wonderful.

My wife found a great OB/GYN who practices out of Hospital CIMA, the best hospital in Central America. Her doctor trained in the United States and speaks perfect English. He is as caring as he is knowledgeable.

My wife Mary, being a RN, is very perceptive of medical practices. She was encouraged and comforted when the same policy regarding a female nurse being present during the exams was applied.

Also, she was stunned to see equipment with more superior technology than that of her doctor in Connecticut. Our private pay cost for our visit was less than $50.

When it came time for our first ultrasound we were not sure what to expect. It was a different doctor located in a different office. He, too, had training in the United States and spoke perfect English. He had a 3D-Level 3 Ultrasound machine in his small two room office.

Mary informed me that there were only three Level 3 Ultrasound machines in all of Connecticut, and that one needs to experience complications in their pregnancy for insurance to pay for a Level 3 Ultrasound.

We enjoyed our visit watching our baby dance around in 3D. Mary had a breast ultrasound as well. The doctor gave us a DVD and CD with pictures of the baby (not the breasts). Our private pay for this appointment was $65.

In addition to the medical services for the pregnancy, we have experienced many other wonderful aspects to the health care system here. When Mary discovered that our three-year-old had an ear infection, we went to our local farmacia for antibiotics. We bought Amoxicillin over the counter for about $10.

In respect to dentistry, I was stunned when my business partner had a wisdom tooth removed for $22. Yes, that included anesthesia and a USA trained dentist performing the procedure. That was not his co-pay, it was his out-of-pocket private pay cost.

I had my wisdom tooth pulled a year ago in the United States. I had base dental insurance and a supplemental dental plan, and my co-pay was still $200.

For those of you feeling trapped in your job because of health care you should consider visiting Costa Rica, it’s not for everyone but we love living here.

Whether you may be interested in moving here or just flying in for a procedure, the quality and low cost of the professional medical services will surprise you.

Health Care Prison in the United States. Freedom found living in Costa Rica

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