This is a well planned, secure gated luxury condominium community with high quality infrastructure, potable water, electricity and paved roads in place now ready for you to build your own home or, have your home built for you.

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If you are looking for a good, long-term return on a simple, no hassle real estate investment, you might want to take a serious look at this project in Orotina… These lots have tripled in value over the last three years.

Three years ago – and we all know the last three years have not been kind to most real estate investors – the lots in this high-end project were selling for $12 per square meter, today they are selling for $36-50 per square meter.

From US$12 per square meter to US$36+ over a period of three years is a very attractive return for most real estate investors…

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Should you wish to build your own home, this well established Costa Rican developer believes he could build your luxury home with your own swimming pool for US$900 – US$1,000 per square meter.

With the new, just about completed highway from San Jose to the Pacific coast, the Orotina area – which is lovely and warm – is only 20-30 minutes to the beaches on the Central Pacific coast and a short 65 kilometers away from San Jose and is growing and appreciating rapidly.

There are different sized building lots available ranging from 2,543M2 (27,362 square feet) up to 6,588M2 (70,886 square feet) with prices ranging from US$36 up to US$50 per square meter.

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In the price chart below, from left to right you can see the number of the lot, the total area in square meters, the price per square meter, the category, the total price and the number of family homes (unidades habitacionales) that can be built on that individual lot.

The project has been carefully planned and will be residential only – no commercial activity of any kind – with certain safeguards to ensure that only quality luxury homes and appropriate architectural styles can be built within the community.

Not only will this make the community more attractive, it should also ensure a better rate of appreciation for your Costa Rica real estate investment – your new home.

The swimming pool, clubhouse and basic infrastructure has already been completed and the roads are much better than 90% of the upscale areas of Escazu or Santa Ana where you would pay – at a minimum – five times as much for the land so this is also good value…

With the completion of the new San Jose to Caldera (Central Pacific) highway in sight, it’s only a matter of time before we will see more and more value minded professionals moving into this area and commuting to and from San Jose.

All they are waiting for is for you to buy your land and start building your dream home under the Costa Rican sun in Orotina…

If you have a serious interest in buying land here in Orotina in this remarkable project (article #2294) and need more information, please contact our Recommended Realtor using the simple contact form below:

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