Dr. Adam Paer was born in the USA, he moved to Costa Rica when he was just ten years old and is a bilingual specialist in obstetrics and gynecology.

He completed his schooling and graduated from the University of Costa Rica’s medical school in 1989.  From there he did his community service in Monteverde and his residency at Hospital Mexico.  He also served five years as the medical advisor to the US embassy in San Jose.

Dr. Paer has been a practicing physician for 16 years and on average delivers 100+ babies each year.  He is a pioneer here in Costa Rica in waterbirth and believes strongly in natural birth whenever it is possible.

Aside from delivering babies and providing prenatal and postpartum care, Dr. Paer also is extremely experienced in a wide range of gynecological diagnostics as well as surgery.  He performs pap smears, colposcopy (examination of the cervix along with biopsy after an abnormal pap smear), hysteroscopy, vaginal, abdominal, and laproscopic hysterectomy, prolapse procedures, and treats cysts, tumors, fibroids and polyps.  He treats basically everything that involves the pelvis, endometrium, cervix, and vagina.

Dr. Paer is also experienced in criotherapy (for precancerous lesions including genital warts), and LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure) for precancerous lesions of the cervix. In his office he has a 4D ultrasound machine, GE Voluson 730 Pro, which is used for pelvic and obstetric ultrasound as well as breast or abdominal scans.

It may be a relief to know that all this state of the art equipment is available in the same office where you will have your examination or check up and not have to leave to go to a different facility with a technician that you do not know.

One of the most unique things about Dr. Paer is the personal care that you will receive.  He has no nurse in his office at all, he does everything himself, total care from the interview and history all the way through to the examination, ultrasound, and any of the numerous procedures that you may require.  He is known throughout the community for having excellent doctor/patient relationships.

The recommendation for Dr. Paer comes from many different sources but is held close to my heart as he was also my doctor.  Dr. Paer delivered my third son at Hospital CIMA and I can honestly vouch for all the positive words you will hear.  He was caring and gentle and never rushed my appointments or made me feel like just another number.

For experienced and personal gynecological or obstetric care Dr. Paer is the doctor to see to meet all your needs.

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