As Costa Rica continues to strive to become less reliant on fossil fuels, it’s no surprise this country continues to attract both businesses and like-minded individuals to join in this collective effort.

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Detroit native Scott Meloeny, founder of the Green Economy Leadership Training (GELT) has chosen the Lake Arenal area as the international headquarters. Scott and his team have a passion for renewable energies and sustainable designs, GELT is in place to teach others both the theories and practices.

Scott’s vision for GELT is for it to provide training, seminars and resources for both US-based high school and college students interested in sustainable design. In addition to learning specialized skill-sets, the projects they undertake will improve the local community.

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Scott sees GELT as a mutually beneficial endeavor for both those coming to learn and explore new career paths, and those who live around Lake Arenal will have access to clean energy, organic foods and even improved infrastructure. Moreover, GELT’s programs and participants even receive college credits upon completion of the course.

Lake Arenal was specifically chosen as GELT’s headquarters because of its rich biodiversity and convenient access to natural resources. It doesn’t hurt that the local volcanoes and the lake provides a stunning backdrop for a learning environment.

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For 9 days, GELT students will participate in an intense immersion “Career Build” program in a particular field of study/courses in Renewable Energy Technologies and Resilient Food Production are currently available.

On their off time, they’ll have the chance to learn about the local culture and customs as well as explore their natural surrounding.

Local community members are thrilled that GELT has chosen Lake Arenal as the new home. We look forward to seeing what new exciting technologies, innovative designs and green initiatives come from of this fantastic opportunity for higher learning.

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Written by Thomas Molloy who was born and raised in Chicago and who moved to Costa Rica in 2003 from California. Thomas lives with his wife and two children in Lake Arenal. They call Lake Arenal home for it’s natural beauty, diverse wildlife, the friendly locals and expats, health, wellness, security, and the perfect climate.

Thomas and his family enjoys lake activities including boating, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, and gardening.

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