I am happy to report that my second experience giving birth to another baby boy was equally as great as the first time around at Hospital CIMA in San Jose.

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CIMA is affiliated with Baylor Medical Center in the USA. It’s as modern as a US hospital… but you are treated better. CIMA is located in Escazu, a suburb West of San Jose and a popular area for ex-pats.

The hospital is currently expanding (as a new building and Avenida Escazu next door has been built since I last gave birth). My OB/GYN happens to have her offices in CIMA which made it very convenient for us. There is free WiFi and Cable TV in room. Yes–just like a hotel!

I had taken the liberty of pre-registering at the hospital to speed up the check-in process. I was also being covered by my INS insurance for this birth. The birth basically covered $2,500 in expenses with the first night in our hospital room as the deductible. In case you are wondering, the total costs involved were:

  • $1,350 OB/GYN fees.
  • $300 Anethesiologist fees.
  • $1,000 Two nights at hospital, food, misc.
  • This included a free with a child birth is a complimentary dinner for both Mom & Dad with wine and free parking!

I moved out 4 weeks before my due date to wait until our son was born since I live some four hours away near Playa Conchal. There are plans to build a CIMA at the Liberia Airport in the near future, but for now, my travels take me to San Jose to seek out the best maternity care. I was induced in week 38 because of the size of the baby who was estimated to be 9 lbs!

We checked into the hospital the morning of 9th March 2010 and our baby boy, Elijah Mateo Clower, was born at 6:59 PM on that same day. We were more shocked (as were all the doctors in the delivery room) that Elijah was over 10 lbs (10 lbs, 1 oz to be exact) and 21 inches.

You may not believe me, but this labor and delivery for me was much easier than my first son, even though Kian was almost 2 pounds less. The baby was born big and healthy and left the hospital with us two days later.

Elijah was one of the biggest babies delivered naturally by Dr. Kim (or any other OB/GYN in the hospital) in quite some time. Dr. Kim and my pediatrician Dr. Urena, said all of their patients sent their ‘saludos.’ They were impressed and said I was a legend. That left me laughing…

I would definitely suggest considering Hospital CIMA if you plan to give birth in the San Jose area. The doctors and facilities are top-notch, and they truly do take care of you.

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