Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to VIP Members!

This has been a fantastic year for our Blue Cross Preferred Costa Rica Dentist Dr. Mario and all of us who work with him, as we have settled in to our new $4 million dollar dental facility that has wowed all our new clients from the US and Canada.

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Have you ever considered Costa Rica for dental tourism? While saving a significant amount of money, you can get professional dental services and enjoy a short vacation in a beachy paradise.

We work with Costa Rica dentists since 2003 and we know the market better than anyone. It allows us to provide unique features for our visitors:

  • Recommened by US Embassy in Costa Rica
  • Dentist to the President of Costa Rica – Laura Chinchilla
  • First licensed Dental Implant Specialist in Costa Rica, 1996
  • 50% to 60% lower prices compared to US and Canada
  • Free Airfare
  • Dental work 100% guarantee

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Equipped with the latest in dental technology from the US and Germany, Dr. Mario now has the most technologically advanced facility in Costa Rica. And now, for you VIP Members who have enabled us to be arguably, the best dental practice in Costa Rica, we are putting the icing on the cake.

Until the end of January 2014 we are offering the most generous and comprehensive form of customer appreciation.

Simply put, once you pay $7,500 on any dental work with Dr. Mario we will mail you, within 30 days of your payment, a Bank of America check for $1,000….no strings attached! It has been the custom to offer discounts to clients in the past but we thought it would be a nice way to say thank you for your support over the years to put cash in your hands for Christmas and the New Year celebrations.

It can be used for holiday presents, a new savings account, start a college fund for the kids or it could be a rainy day ‘lets get the hell out of Dodge’ stash.

Regardless of how you spend it what really counts is the state of your dental health….and that is priceless.

Special Dental Offer – US$500 Towards Your Airfare
Is Available To WeLoveCostaRica.com VIP Members Only
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As you may know, Dr. Mario is a graduate of the University of Miami School of Medicine as a Implant Specialist and oral surgeon. He has been practicing in Costa Rica for the past 22 years and was vetted and selected by BCBS/SC for their US policyholders and is recommended by the US Embassy in Costa Rica.

If you want to understand the profound difference Dr. Mario has made in the quality of life of his clients just visit the Blue Cross Preferred dentist section here (insert link Walkiria) and you will see any number of articles written by clients who have had life-changing dental work performed by Dr. Mario and his staff.

From the most advanced system for cleaning and whitening teeth to complete dental reconstructive surgery that includes the most reliable dental implants, bridges and permanent dentures, there is no dental facility comparable to what Dr. Mario offers you.

Unlike most US and Canadian dentists we have our own state-of the-art dental lab where waiting time, weeks in the US and Canada, is reduced to just days.

Even better is when the work is finished, unlike back home, if there is a problem with fit or bite it does not go back to the lab for a few more weeks, leaving you waiting and inconvenienced even more, with Dr. Mario it goes upstairs to the lab and adjustments are made while you wait. How much is that worth?

So with Dr. Mario you have a US trained and educated doctor who has practiced for 22 years, located in a brand new $4 million state-of-the-art dental facility, with English speaking staff, with prices minimally 40-50% less than US and Canada and a US companion, counselor and guide (that would be me) who lives here to make your trip enjoyable and to facilitate a successful dental outcome, not to mention who takes you out to dinner as his guest and goes with you on your first appointment and, on top of all that, get your teeth fixed by one of the best dentists in Costa Rica and get paid $1,000 CASH!

Pura Vida! Espero que tiene un buen Día de Acción de Gracias, Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo a todos nuestros Miembros VIP. Lo veré pronto!

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Our immediate goal is to introduce you to world class dentistry at affordable prices and we will work with you personally, or your chosen travel agency, to facilitate any and every need you may have in making and fulfilling your travel itinerary.

If you will out the simple form below and contact Charlie regarding prices for the dental procedures you need, he WILL give you prices and consult you every step of the way so that you too can have the “perfect smile at a perfect price.”

Dr. Mario is a Blue Cross Preferred Dentist in Costa Rica.
For World Class Dentistry at Affordable Prices
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