After you have watched the last dying rays of the sun sparkle across the crystal blue waters of the Pacific Ocean it’s time to head back from Tamarindo beach and explore the exciting night life this small yet lively town has to offer.

While bars and clubs around Tamarindo come and go with regularity this trend just helps to create a nightly scene with amazing diversity. Despite the comings and goings of many night life scenes there are still a few venues which have managed to hang around for a few years now and provide quality entertainment to the party going hordes.

Sharkys is one such hangout that has managed to stay a firm favorite among the locals and tourists for quite some time now, despite a fire once completing gutting the place. They managed to re-build and somehow make it better than ever. For a meal and a night of drinking the atmosphere is always pretty casual, with a DJ who seems to enjoy pumping out tunes that managed to escape from the 80’s. As a sports bar there isn’t a seat in the house where you can’t get a good view of the latest game or music event in progress. Hockey fans rejoice as this is one of the only places in town where you will get to cheer for your team from afar.

If you’re in the mood for dancing the night away then there’s no better place than Aqua for getting your groove on. Aqua is a modern club which has managed to bring Tamarindo into the 21st century as far as nightlife is concerned. It’s hard to miss as the light from the flashing neon tubes spills out onto the streets and the booming bass attracts party goers from all the way down on Tamarindo Beach. Pricing is variable as there is a range of cocktails and drinks with something for everyone’s taste and budget.

If you’re in the mood for some dancing on the beach then the place to be is at the Le Beach Club in Tamarindo. With several dance floors that extend right out onto the sand and three well stocked bars this place has been rocking Tamarindo on Saturday nights for a few years now. When you’ve had enough of dancing you can relax in one of the waterfront lounge chairs.

If it’s Friday night and you happen to be a member of the fairer sex then you’ll want to be hanging at the Monkey Bar. Guys are welcome but unfortunately they have to pay for their drinks — sorry guys. Two dance floors cater to two different tastes with Salsa on one and dance beats for the younger crowd on the other. Throughout the year the Monkey Bar hosts a variety of events such as live music events, fashion shows, and the famous Pasarela Mi Costa Bella Bikini Show. Check their schedule so you don’t miss out on something awesome. It’s not a late night bar but happy hour is usually from 5pm — 7pm so it’s definitely a great place to make a quality start to a full nighter.

This is but a small sampling of the night life and fun on offer around Tamarindo and as you can see this small town is big on night time entertainment that caters to all tastes. Other places you may enjoy are Pasatiempo where you can relax to some of the locals playing live music, or the Pacifico Bar for jiving to a bit of Reggae on Thursday night. For the risk takers there’s the Diria Casino where you can gamble away your hard earned to the laid back mellow harmonies of jazz. A bit of searching is sure to turn up something that is just your scene so be sure to explore.

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