The Point at Tamarindo Preserve is an affluent neighborhood situated on Punta Madero which is where Playa Tamarindo meets Playa Langosta in Guanacaste.

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The area boasts long sandy beaches,  well known for their breath taking sunsets and the driest weather in the country, attract people from all over the world.

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The community itself consists of homes built with the best architecture and materials the country has to offer while maintaining a casual elegance that suits the lifestyle of an ocean lover.

We are offering three lots for sale in this gated, ocean front community.

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  1. Lot #35 is across a paved road to the ocean.  The property measures 6,695 square feet and this lot for sale is offered for a limited time at $175,000.
  2. Lot #36 measures approximately 8,137 square feet.  This lot for sale is offered for a limited time at $175,000.
  3. Lot #20 is a large, corner lot across the road from a beach access that leads to a less traveled and beautiful cove.  While no beaches in Costa Rica are private, this is just about as close as you are going to get.  This property measures approximately 8,300 square feet and is being offered at $190,000

It is important to know that these are FULLY titled properties.  All infrastructure is installed with a majority of the services under ground to the highest standards.

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These properties will be offered at this price for only a limited time, contact us today for more information.

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Fully Titled Walk-To-The-White-Cove-Beach Lots For Sale in The Point at Tamarindo Preserve From US$175,000.


Costa Rica Realtor in Guanacaste Rob Goodell

Costa Rica Realtor in Guanacaste Rob Goodell.

If you would like to contact Costa Rica Realtor Rob Goodell or his associate Realtor Becky Clower about buying Costa Rica real estate in the area from Playa Avellanas to Playas del Coco in Guanacaste, please help us to help you by using the simple form below:


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