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    My wife and I are thinking about trying a one year trial in CR. We have a 10 year old daughter who will need to attend school(I’m guessing she would have to go private) What would be the best area to live(we would rent)? Also, I would not mind hearing from anyone who has made a similar move with a family and their experience.


    Escazu is probably the best bet. There are a couple a private English speaking schools close by, not to sure of prices though.


    It would depend on your interests as well. There is a Country Day School (English language, American curriculum) near Flamingo, sailing, fishing; and Playa Conchal, swimming, golfing; not far from Santa Cruz
    riding, rodeos,Guanacaste culture such as folkloric dancing and music. etc.
    I have not made such a move but would not be adverse to a child of mine attending a local, Costa Rican,school. I have volunteered in several schools and found the school culture to be warm and supportive to all students including special ed. such as SSL. In addition, most children would benefit from a year in another culture; learning a different language and new ways of problem solving; as long as the parents have the time and patience to be extra supportive.


    Depending on how long it is before you are thinking about moving, you might put your daughter in an excellerated emersion spanish course now. They learn much easier when they are young and she may pick it up quickly. That would enable you to really try any part of the country and your daughter could attend a local spanish school and what an awesome learning and cultural experience that could be for her. You can always supplement with some homeschool curiculum that you can bring along with you. I say let her and yourselves really experience the culture. Don’t isolate yourselves in an Escazu gated community of gringos and private english schools. Just a suggestion.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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